A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 315



Genghis is lying in the bathroom of Ardaneta Hotel and suddenly he hears the voice of Yamach calling him. Genghis wakes up after several repetitions of the sounds and realizes that he is sleeping in the closet out of fear and has put the gun ready above his head. Even though he knows he is dreaming, Genghis takes the gun to make sure that he is not in danger. He opens the door to his room and is relieved to see his bodyguards at the door. On the other hand, Yamach calls Genghis with the phones of all the youths of the neighborhood who are gathered in the coffee house, and Genghis does not answer. When Cengiz talks to Chaatai and realizes that he is on his way to the hotel, he finds courage and answers Yamach's call and says threateningly: "I know you must have been watching here. Do not delay, come to me. I am waiting for all of you. Come to show you who owns the world, animal." Ekin, who is monitoring the hotel from the forest area with the youths of the neighborhood, tells Jumali its location and emphasizes that Genghis has many guards. After his conversation with Genghis, Yamach tells Jomali and the young people in the coffee house: "Let's go to Pashin." Genghis attacked us."

When Akin looks at the hotel from the forest with a camera, he sees Chaatai who has just arrived there and enters the hotel with a smiling face. Yamach asks Akin not to do anything before they reach them, but Akin, who has blood in front of his eyes and remembers Salim's death, suddenly takes his gun and runs towards the hotel, and the rest of the young men are forced to follow him. do

Chaatai has brought a masked man to the hotel, who is very professional in martial arts and protecting people. The masked man sees the scene of Ekin's sudden attack from his room and watches the attack of the people of the pit and the location of the forest path. Ekin's sudden attack doesn't do anything and only puts everyone in danger and leaves several wounds on Godal's hand. When Yamach and Jumali arrive, they are forced to just stop Ekin and help them retreat. This operation fails and Yamach asks Jalason to stay in the forest and monitor the movements of the Ardantes.

Chaatai sits facing Genghis and asks him about his mother. Genghis says that both Soraya and Olga have disappeared. Chaata finds out about Seren and when he finds out that both Olga and Soraya were last seen with him, he becomes suspicious of Seren, and Genghis, who has just noticed Seren's clever work, gets even more angry. Chaatai remembers the time when he managed things himself and everything was going well for them, and shows his worth to Genghis and tells him: "You are obviously tired. Leave all the work to me and just lean back and watch." Genghis, who doesn't want to step down from power, smiles and says, "You are not the first person to ask me this recently." Chaatai is surprised and Genghis says: "I am talking about Gulkan." "Is he still alive?" says Chaatai with a grin.

When the little ones arrive at the coffee house, Yamach blames Akin for his arbitrary work, and at the same time, Yasmin, who came to help Karaja at the neighborhood kitchen, feels sick and has a seizure. Karaja tells the matter to his uncles and Jumali and Ekin rush Yasmin to the hospital. Yamach calls Nadim and explains the matter to him, and Nadim says, "The girl has epilepsy." That's why I came to Turkey. Regarding the issue of Yasmin staying in the same house with Ekin and I yelled at you, you will soon understand what the matter is."

Gulkan has returned to his previous way of life and entertains himself in cabarets and bars from night to morning and enjoys bullying others when he is bored.