A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 313



Genghis, who is running towards his money in a hurry and is not paying attention to anything else, gets stuck on the thin thread which is a trap by Yamach. When the string is pulled, firecrackers light up and Genghis coins catch fire. Genghis falls on his knees and screams helplessly not to burn his money. At the same time, Yamach calls him and says: "Am I crazy to burn all that money?" I gave all your money to a charity to treat sick children." On the other hand, Gulkan reaches a forest with tall plane trees and shouts Egdai's name. He, who is lost and confused, at a moment when he does not expect it, he faces Egda, who has tied his hands, feet and mouth, and runs towards him with enthusiasm to save him, at the same time, he falls into a deep pit. Yamach, Jomali, and Akin Balaser come to him, and Yamach puts a gun on top of the pit and throws a rope to him and says, "If you want, come to make the fight fair." If you can come up, the gun will be yours and you can fight me." With great effort, Gulkan pulls his head out of the pit for a moment with the help of a rope and encounters the body of Ogda, who was hanged by the same rope. He shouts and says while crying, "Yamach, what did you do? Whores, bastards." Gulkan stays in the pit for a while and cries helplessly for the loss of Egda. Yamach also takes Egdai's body with him and buries it in a grave dug for him in advance.

When Yamach and Jomali return to the neighborhood, they find that due to water poisoning, the hospital is full of poisoned and injured residents of the neighborhood, some of whom are in very serious condition. Jomali and Yamach remember that uncle was taken to the bathroom with the water that came from the tankers and they rush to look for him but uncle is not in his house and Yamach and Jomali are forced to search the neighborhood.

When Genghis arrives home, one of his men tells him that Soraya and Olga have been missing since morning and there is no news of them. Genghis rushes to Olga's room and when he makes sure that she is not really at home, he finds out how Yamach found his money. Helpless and sad, Genghis enters his office and sees Gulkan sitting on his chair with his clay legs stretched out on the table and looking at Genghis with hatred. Genghis asks him to be polite, and Gulkan grabs his collar and shouts angrily, "What kind of creature are you? God damn you Your son died tonight. You don't even ask me how he died. There is no news of your wife. I always looked for the problem in myself, why this person did not become a father to me once, but now I ask myself, what kind of person are you? You no longer have a son named Gulkan. Go call Chaatai and tell him, my son, I love you so much, I made a mistake, come and save me." Genghis doesn't say a word and Gulkan leaves. Genghis takes Chaatai's number.

Yamach, Jomali and the rest break into the Ordaneta pharmaceutical factory to get the medicines needed by the poisoned patients of the neighborhood. At the Yamach hospital, he visits Ikut, whose condition is critical. Aikot, who hardly speaks, asks Yamach not to forget him, and Yamach, who cannot stop his tears, says, "Is it possible to forget you?"

His uncle goes to Alicho's house to find the letter he had previously deposited with him, but he can't bear it and faints there. Alicho takes him to the hospital.

Genghis, who drew new plans with Chaata, vacates his house and moves to a new house. He has assigned his people to find Seren, Soraya and Olga with the help of phone signals.


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