A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 311



Jomali and Mateen try to hide the story of Yamach going to the enchantress from Nahir and tell him that Yamach will come to him soon, but Nahir, who knows what is going on, tells them: "Yamach is not going to come, gentlemen." I have told you, so feel free to let me go." Jumali does not allow him to go. A little later, when Nahir fell asleep, Yamach comes up and asks Jumali how he is. Jomali pulls Yamach into a corner and tells him that he has to choose between Nahir and Afsun and not bother both at the same time. Yamach, who is aware of this issue, approves Jomali's words, but it is difficult for him to make a decision. At night Yamach, who has chosen her, goes to the enchantress and sleeps next to her.

After a day of just sleeping and resting at home, Genghis gets up again and tries to manage the situation and shouts at Gulkan and Egda, who treated him like a patient, and asks them not to do so anymore. Do not repeat a behavior. Gulkan says that he has a surprise for him and takes Genghis to the room where he imprisoned all the servants and says, "These are all the people of Gudalen." Well, Dad, now you give the order. What should we do with them?" Genghis looks at the servants with hatred.

In the coffee shop, Jumali tells Yamach: "Do you know who told me that Afson was involved in the killing of our father and sent me to him to kill him?" Caraja." Yamach asks Jumali to explain the story of Azar's death in detail to him, and after hearing the story, he angrily tells Jomali, "Do you understand what you did? Did you do something to kill someone you love? Now how should he carry this burden?" Yamach goes to the neighborhood kitchen to talk to Karaja. Karaja is busy cooking and coldly talks to Yamach, and when the conversation warms up, he tells him: "The little Yamach I knew was not like this. I know what happened. Pregnancy charm and these things. You knew who he was before all of us." Yamach says: "Didn't you know who Azar is?" Didn't you know how many times he killed Kamalo and attacked the neighborhood?" Karaja answers: "I didn't know everything, but when my grandmother alerted me, I killed Azro." Realizing Karaja's anger, Yamach says loudly to him: "You should not put your anger inside yourself." This way you either destroy yourself or all of us. You should express your anger directly to the person you are angry with. answer now Are you angry with me, Karaja? Karaja shouts: "Yes. I am very angry with you. Where did you go when I needed you more than ever? You abandoned me to your mother and did not protect me. I was poor and helpless and I killed Azrou. What I was able to do, why couldn't Yamach Kechvali be so great? where is my dad where is my grandfather Where is the man I loved? Why do they die and you don't die? Is this torment going to continue like this? Yamach looks at him with malice and caresses him.

A man named Fayaz has been sleeping with his small children in a car in the neighborhood for several nights. In order for her children not to starve, she mixes sleeping medicine and gives it to them. Desperately, Fayaz goes to a ruin in the neighborhood to commit suicide, but he doesn't succeed, and the rope he made for himself doesn't support its weight and breaks. Jalason, who noticed his condition and saw him committing suicide, goes to Yamach and tells him the story. Yamach goes to Fayyaz to hear his pain. Fayaz talks about the difficult conditions of his life and Yamach hugs him and says: "We have an empty house here. We also have a coffee house where there is no one to give us tea. We need you here, Fayaz.

Unknown people leave a truck in front of the coffee house and leave. Jalason, who considers the situation suspicious and thinks that the truck may have been bombed, asks those who are around to evacuate the area.


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