A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 31

Pit part 38-1

Yamach is very angry because of the race they ate from the black lambs. He says to everyone: "Do you want us to be carefree?" Was our power that much? Jumali says while staring at Wartlow with anger: "Someone is spying on us!" There is no other reason. They argue again and others try to calm them down.

Akshin is alone at home and is busy preparing food. He pours everything into the pot and at the end adds newspaper and paper to it! And it also lights up the bottom. Then he goes outside the house to collect leaves. Mecca sees him and compassionately tries to bring him back inside the house. But when he knocks, no one opens the door. He takes Akshin with him. But at home everything is burning.

Jalason, who had dinner at their house at Ayesha's insistence, suddenly one of his friends informed him that their house was on fire. He is worried and scared and goes towards the house and when he sees the burning house, he falls on the ground and cries for Akshin. Mecca calls Jalason and shows Akshin to him. Jalason happily hugs her.

Yamach turns to Vartlo and Jumali, who had been fighting and now calmed down, and explains: “What was our problem? We were going to attack to take both money and raw materials. The guilt was supposed to fall on the shoulders of the black sheep and the Afghans would go crazy because they were robbed and the Bulgarians would go crazy and attack because the money that they had given as an advance had gone up in smoke. Both of them were supposed to be black lambs. Yeah? None of us said anything. They just don't want to leave their work to chance. »

Arsavi comes to Chetu and Mahson in fear and says that there are many armed people in front of the house. Cheto and Mahson immediately go to them. Chatto very politely asks them who their boss is and then invites them to have coffee. Their leader sits in front of Chetu and says: "My name is Rashid Fazlullah." I am Afghan I am the head of one of the Afghan tribes. I am the main owner of the sex you took yesterday. I gave you the sex, but you didn't give me the money. Mahsoun smiles and says: "You came to the wrong place." You have to ask your people! "Rashid explains: "The person you took the sex from yesterday, Fazel, is my nephew. But since yesterday, there is no news of Fazel or Pula. For us, the promise is more important than anything else. Ersavi replied: "Mr. Rashid, in my opinion, it is more important than anything else that we understand each other's words." You listen to our words, maybe we can find a way. Rashid jumps in the middle of his speech and says: "There is no way!" I said my word. "Mahsoun says: "Look, Uncle Jun, you said a nice thing a few moments ago, that you are not in our country and you don't know our customs. You don't know how things go here and who to talk to. Even though you said a very bad thing a few moments ago, you looked us in the eye and said that there are too many perverts here. This hit us very hard... Now, if anyone else were here in your place, I would beat them to death. We want to respect you, but you are forcing us! "Rashid Fazlullah got up and threateningly said to Chetu: "I spoke to you very simply in my own language, but if you want, I can speak to you in your own language! Cheto laughs and tells him: "You are really an interesting person who is threatening us in my house!" And then he pointed towards Lal to kill Rashid's people. After killing his men, Rashid says good morning and leaves. Arsavi turns to Chetu and Mahsoun and says: "I don't think it was good!" Now there are two options. Uncle is either really scared and left or he is making us miserable! Chatto sees Ersavi's new watch with his sharp eyes and then says to him: "This uncle's money is gone." My brothers cannot be found. If our brothers who were on a date are not found, it's your fault, do you know? »

Ayesha asks Jalason and her mother and Akshin to live together in their house. Jalason says: "It is easy to say, but it is not so easy, brother's wife. It's hard to get along with one of them, now the two of them together, in two days you'll go crazy too. Ayesha smiles and says: "We will stay together until you find another house." If we are going to be crazy, we will be crazy together, don't think about it so much. Jalason smiles.

Jalason goes to see Makkah to thank her, but Makkah treats him coldly and says: "When I saw Akshino, I went to help her because she is your wife, but then I said to myself that it is not her fault that she became Jalason's wife!" Jalason gets angry and they fight and Jalason knocks him to the ground, but when he sees the black lambs in the distance, he stops fighting, then Jalason goes to his friends and says that he needs a lot of money. And they have to do something. One of them offers to steal a car and Jalason has to accept.


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