A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 309


one hundred and one

Jumali and the youths of the neighborhood have gathered in the coffee house and everyone is anxiously trying to solve Gulkan's riddles. Jumali gets more angry every time he reads the puzzle again and says: "I have solved so many tables, I have never heard anything like this nonsense." On the other hand, he constantly consoles Yamach and tells him that they will save Nahir and Afsun. As time passes, Yamach becomes more and more desperate. He stares at the puzzle paper with tears in his eyes and is so scared that he does nothing to solve the problem. Jomali, along with Metin and Alicho, chooses one of the riddles and assigns Jalason, Mecca and Madd to solve the other riddle. They get into their cars and leave, and Yamach stays in the coffee shop. In a part of the mystery written by Jalason, it is written: "He loves Bork alive and he smells like the sea when he is dead." Jalason, Makkah and Madd, who could not understand the exact meaning of Gulkan, decide to go to the beach and because they don't know exactly which beach to look for, they go to Sari Yer Beach, because Bork is a famous and popular beach. When they reach the beach of Sariyer, they read the riddle again and remember the cemetery from the sentence "Amad is coming" and "There is no going". "You know, it's not acceptable." He mutters to himself: "Marble dust is not a good thing at all." Because marble is cut for tombstones. White is white." Jalason and Makkah are careful about the sentences and understand that he is not talking nonsense. Together, they go to the tombstone cutting workshop on the beach and enter the workshop and save the charm that is already dying. On the other hand, Jumali asks Alicho to find the meaning of the sentence "That Juliet in Romeo". Alicho says that they should look for the theater stage before the show starts. But they don't know which theater they should go to, and Alicho goes through all the plays of Romeo and Juliet that have been performed, and finally happily says that they should go to the eighth stage. He reads part of the riddle and explains: "Turn me around, I'm everything, and if you cut me in half, I'm nothing." If you rotate the number eight, it becomes infinity, and if you cut it in half, it becomes zero. Jomali and Mateen rush to the eighth stage and find Nahir in the basement of the theater there and rescue him. The news of the rescue of Nahir and Afson reaches Yamach and he breathes a sigh of relief. Jomali, Metin, and Alicho take Nahir to a safe house, and Madd, Mecca, and Jalason take Afsun to a separate house. Nahir and Afsun both want to go home early and are sad to be there. Afsun is waiting for Yamach, but he doesn't want Alki to be optimistic and says to Mecca, "I have to go now." I don't think Yamach will come, he must have gone to Nahir." At the same time, Yamach arrives and kisses Fasun and hugs him.

Yasmin, who has removed her veil, asks Akin to light the fireplace so that the house will warm up a little. Akin enters the house and after lighting the fireplace, he apologizes for accidentally seeing Yasmin's face last night. Yasmin says: "No, it's not a problem. It wasn't like this before, but now the veil is mandatory." He asks Akin to stay at home for the time being to make him the special tea he brought with him from Afghanistan. They talk for a while and Akin, who likes Yasmin and is scared of talking to her, talks a lot.

Seren, whose mind is occupied with Olga's last words, goes to Soraya and asks her: "How did you hear about my father's death?" Soraya answers: "Genghis and I were on the boat when they told us the news." It was a very bad day. "Your father was a good person, that's why I hate Olga because he caused the death of a good young man like him." Cern thinks.


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