A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 308



Yamach sits in front of Genghis wearing a medical gown and says to him in a sympathetic tone, "Mr. Genghis, you are under a lot of pressure. Your consciousness creates a new personality for itself to protect itself. Genghis Jordan, capable of everything and very strong. I am the strongest person you are facing, that's why you consider me your biggest enemy. We could not find any source that would cause you such stress." Cengiz, who is silent and listens to Yamach's words with tears in his eyes, says: "Maybe it's because my daughters don't come to see me. When was the last time they came?" Yamach says: "The last time they came three years ago. I must tell you that not all families are alike. Unfortunately, your family left you." Yamach leaves the room and Genghis cries. Yamach asks Morteza to take Genghis near his house after injecting him with the ampoule and then leave him to the servants who are from the people of Gudal.

Akin goes to the airport to take care of Yasmin and takes her to the parking lot through the elevator and from there he goes with Yasmin to the safe house that belongs to Kochvalis. On the other hand, Yamach and Jumali are in another car and they have gone to meet Yasmin at the airport. A girl is sitting in their car with a veil similar to Yasmin's veil. In the middle of the way, Sarwar's people attack their car and steal the girl and take her to Sarwar. Sarwar goes to the girl's room and while taking off her clothes, says to her: "Come near the beautiful girl." We are now considered confidential." At the same time, that girl, who is one of the pit girls, plunges her knife into Sarwar's heart and runs away from his house. On the other side, Yasmin, who knows how to speak Turkish well, tells Akin that she cannot remove her niqab in front of him and asks him to guard outside the house. When Akin walks in the garden, Yasmin opens the window to get some fresh air, and Akin accidentally sees Yasmin's face without a mask.

Gulkan, who has not heard from his father for twenty-four hours, worriedly goes to his room and sees Genghis on the bed. Genghis wakes up and looks at Gulkan in disbelief and asks him: "What is my name?" Gulkan says: "Genghis Jordan." Genghis cries with joy and hugs Gulkan.

Yamach and Jumali go to see Nadim to find out the name of Genghis's main accountant. Nadim first blames them for sending Yasmin and Akin to the same house and then says: "Olga is Cengize's accountant. Soraya is an aristocrat and attends parties and events, but Olga usually does not go anywhere and is taken care of. "If you catch Olga, you can get access to Genghis's accounts and his money."

Seren takes Olga to the forest to finish her job there, but before she can shoot, Yamach arrives with Farhad and stops her. Yamach asks Olga where Genghis hides his money, and Olga, who does not dare to answer, remains silent, but her gaze keeps falling into her bag. Yamach opens his bag and takes out his account book and books. Yamach asks Seren: "What did Olga do to you?" Seren answers: "He killed my father." Yamach allows him to take his revenge and leaves by himself. Seren shoots Olga and tells her: "I asked God not to take me to him so that I would not avenge my father." Olga says under her breath: "It was not my job. Soraya... it was Soraya's work." Completely confused, Ceren shouts: "Don't you are playing with me. What does that mean?"

Yamach goes to the coffee house with Olga's notebook and at the same time the postman brings him two envelopes. Yamach opens them and is faced with a small bunch of Nehir's hair and a bunch of enchanted hair.

Nahir is tied to a chair in an unknown warehouse, and the water that conducts electricity is slowly approaching his feet, and Fasun is tied to a board in another warehouse, and two big saws are slowly moving towards his body. Gulkan calls Yamach and says: "I will ask you two things." The answer to one of them will lead you to the stream and the answer to the other one will lead you to a spell. Suppose you found the answers, how can you save both of them at the same time? Jumali prepares a notebook to write the stories and Gulkan tells his riddle: "She is Juliet, you are Romeo. What will happen to you? The show is starting. If you want to find the scene; If you twist me, I am everything, and if you cut me in half, I am nothing." He also recites the second riddle: "There is no market and no market, there is arrival and there is no departure." It is not sand. It is not salt. The powder that comes out after cutting is not acceptable. Those who get married in front of a witness look there first, the living one likes Burke and the dead one smells like the sea." Gulkan gives Yamach one hour and hangs up. Jumali prepares the youths to solve the riddle, and Yamach stares in a corner, bewildered, and thinks about the moment he lost Sana.


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