A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 307



Gulkan finds Ramzi and asks him to work for him by giving him a sum of money. Ramsay willingly accepts.

Yamach goes to the funeral of a boy who worked in a bar and was killed by Gulkan and asks the young boy's friends about the story. Someone says: "He was killed by a rich kid." It's like he does this for fun whenever he's bored and threatens everyone and no witness testifies against him." Yamach says to leave it to him to solve the problem.

Nahir and Afsun, who are both imprisoned in the same room, decide to try their luck and make an escape plan. When one of the Jordanian young guards named Murad brings them food, Afsun uses the opportunity and tries to provoke Murad and shows himself eager to have fun with him and sits him next to him and says "We are so bored, I wish we could go out together to be naughty." Murad doesn't accept at first, but gradually he is influenced and secretly takes Nahir and Afsun to the parking lot to get them out of there for a while. Gulkan realizes this and shoots Murad in the parking lot and brings Afsun and Nahir back to the room and says to them: "Next time you will force me to kill you with your actions." After Gulkan Afsun leaves, his face is bloodied and his body is trembling with fear, he cries in Nahir's arms.

Yamach consults Jomali about the proposal he received from Nadeem and tells him: "The side of the proposal is good, but the fact that he does not do it himself and entrusts it to us does not make me suspicious." Jumali says: "I think we should accept his offer. I know the deal in such a way that I do what the party wants and get what he is going to give me. If he doesn't give me my right, then I will pay for it. Meanwhile, Nadim did not ask us to move drugs. He asked us to save a poor girl.

Akin and Damla tell Genghis, who is confused and not very conscious from the shock, that the doctor asked them to remind him who he is. They show photos of Genghis Mardin with his regular family and daughters on the projector. In these photos, there is no mention of the company and wealth of the Jordanians. Genghis, who is unable to speak, only looks at the pictures.

Olga asks Seren to fulfill his promise and let him escape and deliver Chaatai to her son. Seren agrees and says about the plan he made to make Olga escape: "The guards changed shifts, you and I will go to the yard under the pretext of taking a break, and I will leave you in the trunk for a while, and myself under the pretext of "I go out of the house to see one of my friends, and this is how you reach your son." Olga puts her valuables in her bag and gets ready to leave.

Yamach and Jumali go to Nadim to accept his proposal, but they tell him that they know that Khalil Ibrahim has been taken hostage in Afghanistan, and if they start his business, they expect Nadim to fulfill his promise and give them Genghis' account. and they emphasize that otherwise they will destroy Nadim. Nadeem agrees and shows them the photo of Iskander's sister, Yasmin, who is wearing a veil and her face is under a mask, and says that Yasmin and her two bodyguards will arrive at the airport tonight by private plane.

In the middle of the night, Morteza goes to Genghis and tells him that he knows that he is Genghis of Jordan and that if he gives him something valuable or money, he will flee. Genghis, who began to believe that his life is nothing more than a fictional story, is very happy and tells Morteza that he will give him his one million dollar watch. Morteza takes out Genghis' belongings from his closet, but when he sees his belongings, he pretends to be in awe and says to Genghis: "I believed your words, even a fool." That the watch is very precious." He also shows Genghis' national card to him and says: "This is it. Your family is also from Mardina. As Genghis stares at the national card, he sadly tells you: "No, this is not me." Isn't this me?"


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