A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 305



Jenak goes to Jamil on Chaatai's order to settle his account because in the plan to trap Jomali, Jamil not only killed Jomali but also shot one of his colleagues. In fact, on the night when Jomali went to the bar, Chaatai's people were hiding there in the disguise of waiters and as customers to kill Jomali, but when Jamil saw that Jomali was killing all of their people, he was scared and pulled back, and even He had shot his colleague to save himself. Now Jamil calls Chaatai and tells the story and asks him for a chance and says: "Jumali trusts me. I can bring it to the drug store tonight. He will learn there with his own feet and then we will finish his work." Chaatai gives him this opportunity.

Gulkan, who has already chased Yamach, attacks Nahir's house and kills the guards and takes Nahir to his father handcuffed and says that she is Yamach's pregnant girlfriend. Genghis laughs and mocks Gulkan for his mistake and says that he has already taken Yamach's pregnant girlfriend hostage, but when he realizes that Gulkan's words are true, he laughs and congratulates him. Then he takes Nahir to a spell and imprisons him in the same room. Fasun opens Nahir's hands and hugs him and asks Nahir not to be afraid and to be strong.

Gulkan goes to a bar and puts on a silly show for fun and laughs, but at the end of his show he actually shoots and kills the waiter. Then he threatens everyone to make sure that no one will testify against him before the police. When Gulkan sees the pit mark on the waiter's hand, he says, "Come on." You didn't die either. You were right."

When it gets dark, Jamil takes Jumali to the medicine warehouse and says that Salim is trapped there. Jumali hands Jamil a gun and asks him to enter the warehouse together. Jamil puts the gun on Jomali's head at a suitable opportunity and Jomali smiles. Meanwhile, Akin slowly comes forward and puts his gun on Jamil's head. Jamil has to surrender and Jumali tells him: "I have a piece of advice for you, Jamil. When you enter a place and no one looks you in the eye, count the number of people there. I counted that night when I entered the bar. There were eleven people there. Five customers, one person on stage, one person in the cabin and three waiters. This can be ten. Who was the eleventh person? It was you when you told me that you entered the bar from outside and lied. You were there before me, Jamil. Yamach, Jomali and Akin attack the medicine warehouse and kill Chaatai's men, but Chaatai manages to escape. In front of the warehouse, they tie Jameel to a chair, and Jameel, who has nothing more to say, tells Akin: "You shoot me." You are a boy, you have the right to kill me more than anyone." Yamach says: "We ourselves wanted to jump to Akin." Akin thanks and says to Jameel: "You misunderstood, I don't want to shoot." He sprinkles gasoline on Jameel and sets him on fire. Jumali, Akin, and Yamach stare at Jamil with anger.


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