A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 304



Genghis opens his eyes in the desert and sees Yamach facing him. Yamach asks where Chaatai is, and Genghis, who no longer has a guard and sees no way out, scowls and says to Yamach: "Believe me, I don't know where he is." He wanted to kill his brother and follow me to recover from him. Don't have anything to do with me, Yamach, I can drown you in money." Yamach tells him to take off his coat, shoes and socks. Genghis inevitably does so, and Yamach leaves him in the desert and leaves. Genghis goes here and there in the desert for a while and when he can't find his way in that darkness, he hides in a corner out of fear and cries and says under his breath: "Yamach, I will kill you with my own hands." » On the other hand, Gulkan, Shahin and Genghis's men reach the desert and after a while they find Genghis. Genghis, who felt lonely and powerless, threw himself into Gulkan's arms when he saw him. Meanwhile, Yamach stands in a corner and watches them.

Mateen gives Jumali the address of the bar where Salim was last seen. Jomali goes to the bar with Mateen, but he enters the bar alone, and while his gaze keeps moving between the bar staff, he shows Salim's photo to the waiter and asks if he knows him. The waiter says that Salim is one of the customers there. Jumali, who noticed that the people in the bar are suspicious, pulls out his gun and kills everyone in the blink of an eye. In a corner of the bar, Jameel kills one of the suspicious people and pretends that he did it to protect Jumali. Jumali takes Jameel to a corner and asks him about Salim, and Jameel says angrily: "Salim's brother and I had just met and we used to play instruments together. Some people caught me and his brother Salim reached out to save me. They caught him and I ran away and hid in a corner and watched the movements of those people, but I didn't have a weapon to fight them, but I remember where they were. Don't let the blood of his brother Salim be trampled on." After saying these words, Jamil says goodbye to leave, but Jomali tells him: "I'm not done with you yet, Jamil." Tonight they will send you blood and tomorrow I will follow you until you show me where you want." Jamil accepts.

Genghis returns to his home and treats Gulkan with kindness. Gulkan tells him: "Dad, tell me which of them did this so that I can go and find out about them." Genghis says that they will talk about it tomorrow. On the other hand, when Jumali goes home and sees Damla at home, he is happy and once again cries in Damla's arms because of the recent bitter events.

Yamach goes to Nahir's house and asks how he is. Nahir says that he is fine and doesn't need anything. He condoles Salim's death and tries to console Yamach. Yamach says: "Honestly, I entered a new war. That's why I came, I don't want you here. I have to protect you and our child." Nahir doesn't agree to go to Kochvali's house and says: "I lived under that roof once and I was very annoyed. I can't anymore Don't worry about me, Yamach, I'm fine. If something is going to happen, let it happen." Yamach inevitably falls short and Damla takes the bodyguards who have worked for him before to Nahir's house to take care of him to help the family.

At the breakfast table, Genghis asks Egdai to pay more attention to Gulkan and teach him how to do things. Egdai reluctantly agrees. When Genghis got angry, he fired all the servants, and now the pit people have infiltrated his kitchen and are working for him. One of the servants tries to give the poisoned juice to Genghis, but Genghis does not eat it.


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