A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 303



Jomali goes to Akin and asks him what exactly happened the night Salim was killed? Akin says that a person named Jamil called Salim and he got out of the car to go to Jamil. Jomali goes to the coffee house and gathers the young people and says to them: "Salim went out a lot in the evening. Has anyone taken him anywhere and knows where he usually went? No one knows Pateq Salim. Mateen tells Jumali: "Maybe the bar guards who are our own children have seen Uncle Salimo somewhere." Jomali orders the guards to be questioned and if anyone knows anything about a person named Jamil or where Salim was last gone, tell them. Ramzi hears this from the back door of the coffee shop and sees the opportunity to make money and calls Chaatai and says, "Do you want a small Jumali, Mr. Chaatai?"

In the morning, Gulkan faces Egdai and Genghis in the hallway of the house. Egdai and Genghis frown when they see him. Genghis yells at him and says: "We are messing with our lives here, and you know which grave you are?" Gulkan says: "You don't entrust anything to me." The result is that you are messing with the thugs of the mob." Genghis is surprised that Gulkan knows about the incident and Gulkan continues: "My life is spent with those bastards." Everywhere is the story of the war between you and Kochvali. Now you continue to look up and down at those people you see as ants until one day the same ants will empty you. Genghis likes his words and asks Gulkan to dress neatly and come to the company. First of all, Gulkan goes to CERN to find out about the events that happened in his absence.

Genghis moves towards his company and on the way, Yamach and Gudal youths surround his car, puncture his car tire and take the switch from the driver. Genghis lowers the car window and says to Yamach with pride and coolness: "You are a special boy. I wanted to bring you into the big game, and for this you need to think about yourself first, but you think about everyone and everything other than yourself. You are on the wrong path and you will pay for your mistakes soon." Yamach stares at him with hatred and just asks where is Chaatai? Genghis smiles and says that he will find Chatai if he can. Yamach threatens Genghis with his factories and leaves. Frightened, Cengiz gets out of the car to go to the pharmaceutical factory and talk to Egda and prevent damage to the factory. He growls at the driver and his bodyguards and curses them and takes a taxi from there to take himself to the factory. But the taxi driver is Jumali, who has changed his face and knocks Genghis unconscious before he can talk to Egda.

Sultan goes to Damla's house to talk to her and ask her to return to Jumali. When Damla hears that Salim is dead, she cries and hugs Sultan and says that if she had known, she would never have left them alone. He returns with the Sultan to the house of the Kochvalis.

When Gulkan arrives at the company and sees Egdai's confusion, he asks him what happened. Egdai says that their father was stolen. Gulkan laughs and asks his father's bodyguard, Shahin, "Did you check where my father's phone last had its antenna?" Shahin says no, and Gulkan cuts off one of his fingers to punish him and says, "Now go check and see when his phone last turned on, and if you do it right, I'll give you your finger back." Shaheen does what Gulkan says and gives him the address of the area where they should look for Genghis.


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