A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 302



Yamach, who does not sleep after Salim's death and is only thinking about revenge, buries Salim's instrument in the middle of the night. He also digs four graves for Genghis and his sons. Yamach goes to Aisha and asks her how she is and then asks her to take care of Karaja. Ayesha says: "What else can I do after what happened to Karaja?" Yamach, don't worry about us. He carries the whole burden and I don't want you to carry us too." Yamach says: "Nobody is a burden on my shoulders. We will go through all these events together." Yamach looks at Karaja and notices that Karaja's body is shaking. He hugs Karaja and says that these days will pass.

Metin, who has been waiting for Jumali for a long time at the door of the pub, when he sees that there is no news of him, he enters and asks Jumali to pack up and go back to the neighborhood. Jomali says: "There is no such thing as a small Jomali anymore. It's over." Mateen sits next to him and says, "Uncle Jon was my hero and Kamal Amanat, when he died and we couldn't take care of him, we blamed ourselves a lot. One day, his brother Salim came and took us to a corner and told us that you are not responsible for where you were not. You weren't with the hero that night and you couldn't do anything, so don't blame yourself." Jomali calms down a bit and Mateen tells another memory: "After Kamal died, I was very angry. I was dying little by little. Salim's brother came and put a gun in front of me and said, "I can't do it. If you want to die, you have to pull the trigger and finish the job. If you don't want to, we are waiting for you in the coffee house." Jumali starts crying after hearing these memories and Mateen asks him to get out of this situation because he has experienced all this himself and knows that he should not stop.

Akin, who is looking forward to destroying Jordan's family, says to Yamach: "Uncle, now that you have blown up Genghis factories, why are we still sitting?" Why don't we go and take the side?" "We want him to suffer," says Yamach. If we hit him one after the other, he will become restless and he will not understand what the punishment is. Jordanians, their money is more important to them than their lives, and we are punishing them in the same way." On the other hand, Genghis gathers the managers of his exploded factories and angrily shouts at them and says: "Where were you when my factories were burning?" Were you cute in your sleep? Did you hear the news from the news? I didn't give you the best villas and cars, did I? I will pay the money for everything you eat and buy, then you will only give me trouble. You are also fired. I will take everything you have from you. Now go back to your parents' villages and earn money from grocery shopping." He immediately fires all the managers and they don't even look at Genghis's face and say a word because of their fear.

Genghis, who is very angry, goes to Fasun and tells him: "You fell in love with your father's killer, Fasun. Love? Don't you know that people at our level don't fall in love? We created love. We created it so that people get married and live in the houses we build and use the things we produce. We created love so that people grow old together and go to our hospitals and use the medicines we make." Afsun does not pay attention to his words and says: "You must remember my mother. She was a special woman. He saw the future and could heal people. One of his abilities has reached me. I saw your future a few moments ago. It was not good at all. The money you rely on will all disappear and you will be buried in the cemetery without anyone. Genghis says: "I also see the future. Because I figure it out myself. If you want to tell me your future, it is not necessary. Because you have no future at all."

Gulkan opens his eyes in the house of Ardantha and asks himself, "Where am I?"


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