A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 30

Pit part 3-37

When Idris leaves their garbage at the door, Salim secretly picks it up. Sena sees him and just looks at him and then leaves. Salim looks at him with shame. Idris comes out of the house and when he wants to pick up the garbage, he doesn't notice them and his eyes fall on Salim, but he ignores him and continues on his way. Salim also follows him. Idris reaches uncle and uncle sees Salim and gets a little angry and says to him: "What do you want to talk about?" Don't you see what day you put us in? Go away and don't trouble us any more." Salim can't even look into uncle's eyes with shame and lowers his head, but he still follows uncle and Idris! Uncle and Idris are selling fruit in the market when a man who bullies the lemon seller comes and says that he must pay 100 lira or he will not be able to sell anything in this market! Uncle gets angry and tells him that he will pay for selling lemons, but he arrogantly says: "This way, the accounts will be messed up. Your account is separate. Each of you must pay 250 lira! Idris, who is clearly angry, throws 250 on the ground and leaves. Salim witnesses this scene and follows Idris again.

At Yamach's request, Mateen follows the car of the black lambs who are supposed to go on a date with someone who produces raw materials. Alicho is also with him and distracts him and makes Matin lose their composure.

Wartlow and Jumali wait for the black sheep at the pre-determined location of the paper machines at the behest of Yamach. Suddenly some armed people attack them and say that they only want Jumali. He is the same old man that Jumali wanted to take revenge on. In order to avenge Jomali's work, he takes help from Cheto... Wartlo and Jomali inevitably fight with them, but soon they run out of bullets. At this moment, someone comes to their aid and kills them all. He is a helper. Seeing her, Wartlow happily hugs her.

Salim is still looking for Idris. Idris turns back in anger and when he sees him, he slaps him hard and then kicks him and leaves him there. Salim does not give up and continues to follow him.

Sena is alone with Sultan and tries to make him talk but her efforts are in vain. Sultan looks at the box that Sena takes when he notices it, and there are CDs from the past and children in them. Sena leaves one of them for Sultan and Sultan looks at the recorded video with tears in his eyes.

Cheto and his men go to meet the Afghans at night. Suddenly, Yamach, along with Vartlo, Jumali, Madd, Kamal, and Mateen, attack them and prevent them from signing the contract. Wartlow asks Yamach: "You knew that they meet here, so why did you send us to the place of paper machines?" Yamach answers: "I don't know." I just didn't want to take my work forward by chance. It is clear that from the very beginning, when they went to close the contract, Yamach approached their car and left a trace under it.

Sena comes to see Yamach and says: "I was at your mother's house today. Nothing has changed and that's why I came. Your mother must see you and your brother. It means that he cannot do anything when he is like this. That's why you and I are recording a video now. It seems that nothing has changed and we are happy. Yamach agrees.

At night, Salim is sitting at Idris's house. Idris leaves tea for him right there in front of the door. Salim cries and drinks tea. Idris looks at him from the window and gets upset.

Chatto visits Saadat and asks him how his brother is doing. Saadat says: "He's getting better." Cheto says: "So you survived this time." Then he leaves. After he leaves, the boy regains consciousness and Saadat is happy.

When Yamach goes to collect the raw materials from the black lambs, he realizes that the liquid materials in the barrels have been filled with dust! Even the money in the suitcase is all white paper and waste... Mahsoun took the materials from the Afghans before all of them. Chetu looks at him with pride and says: "If Cheto falls, Mahsoun will pick him up... If Mahsoun falls, Cheto will pick him up." »


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