A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 3

Goval 68-1

Idris dies in Yamach's arms. And Yamach, who is shocked and hit on his head, keeps mentioning the name of the medicine and thinks that he can bring back his father by means of that medicine. After that, Yamach bathes Idris himself and buries him in Kochuva cemetery. Crying, he leaves his father's suit and rosary in front of the door and leaves alone and sad. When Sultan opens the door and sees Idris' belongings, he realizes the problem and cries. On the other hand, on the night when Idris was killed, Yujel, Jalil Tamsah, Azar Kurtolish and Afsun, who all played their role in that incident, gather together on the roof and talk about what happened. Azar does not consider the revenge taken against Yamach to be enough, but Yujel says: "Have you seen any boy who killed his father?" Now the pit that Yamach is stuck in is very deep! »

Wartlow dreams that his father has come to Saadat's house for lunch for the first time. But when he opens the door, there is no one behind it... he gets excited and jumps out of sleep. Suddenly Jomali's loud and scratchy voice was heard by all the members: "Wow! my dad! My dad left... Why don't you bitches die? This world is so small for Idris, do you think it will be for you?! Wake up..." Six or seven prison guards are not in front of Jomali, and he pushes them all back and throws them into a corner, and he is still shouting loudly. When his voice reaches the ears of uncle and Salim and the others, they all cry in shock and sadness. Salim, who is lying on the bed, slowly stares at a corner without moving and cries. Mateen, Kamal and Jalason have a crush on uncle and put him in a corner. Wartlow, imprisoned in a separate cell, remembers the day he lost his mother. A person ordered by Azar spits on the ground behind Wartlow's head. Instead of crying, Wartlow pours hatred and anger from his eyes. He gets into a fight with those assigned by Azar to harass and kill him and defeats them all. The prison doctor is forced to use a sedative to calm Jumali.

After hearing the news of Idris's death, the people of the neighborhood enter the coffee house one by one and place their rosaries on Idris's table as a sign of respect.

Azar gathers Afsun, Yujal and the crocodile for dinner at his house and they decide about the future of the pit. Afsun imagines that after Idris's sons are in prison and he himself is killed, he can easily get the pit. He puts a map on the table and shows the commercial buildings that he plans to build in the pit, but Azar says that stopping all the armed families is not that easy. Yujel says: "These families you say only rule over the small ones. And they are very dependent and united. Except for a small person, no one can penetrate between them. He introduces Akin to everyone and talks about cooperation and partnership with Akin. Everyone accepts Yujel's opinion. Afsun, who has spent a lot of money to acquire the pit for a long time, considers himself a bigger share and says to Azar and Tamsah: "I will give you one year to exploit anything you can!" After that, the pit is mine. I could get half of Istanbul with the money I paid, but my father was killed because of the pit, not half of Istanbul! Yojel confirms the charm and everyone agrees.

Yamach roams the streets of the city like a madman and gives cologne medicine to everyone he comes across, and this causes people to suffer. Some people stop him and Yamach, who has become very similar to Alicho, clings to a pole and does not move until the night. The nurses of the mental asylum put him in an ambulance and take him away.


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