A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 299



Jomali goes to Sultan and kisses his hand and asks for forgiveness. Sultan is suspicious of Jomali's behavior, but Jomali says in order not to make Sultan's heart empty: "Should a person have a reason to kiss his mother's hand?" He behaves the same way with uncle in the coffee house and it surprises him. Uncle says: "I understand your pain. Being a father has become difficult for your pit, you want to let go. You can't do it, you shouldn't be short." Jumali says that he has no objection and will do whatever is necessary for Gudal.

Soraya gives the key to Chaatai's desk to Seren to bring the documents. Seren secretly enters Chaatai's room and takes the documents. Soraya takes the documents to Yamach and says that she is waiting for Egdai to be released. According to the appointment he made with Soraya, Yamach calls Akin and asks him to release Egdai, but he mischievously says, "There is no need to release him." He takes the bus, he remembers himself." Akin opens the prison door for Egday and tells him: "You have legs. Use your legs and go to your blood." Egday leaves on foot.

Soraya tells Seren: "Olga and your father do not have a good relationship." The day before your father's death, they had drawn guns on each other and Genghis had stopped them. Later that night, I heard Olga shouting at Genghis that either you finish the work yourself or I will do it myself. The next day, your father was killed in an accident." Seren, who had not heard these words until that day, begins to think.

When it gets dark, Jumali goes to the coffee house and spends a little time with himself, and then dismisses the others, closes the door of the coffee house and calls Genghis and says: "I am Jomali Kochvali, the killer of your sons." And Aricam. Chaata somehow tied my hands and feet that I have to surrender myself to you. Now I'm going to the farm myself." Mateen finally hears Jomali's words and after Jomali leaves, he goes to Yamach and tells him the story. On the other hand, Genghis sends his men to the farm and asks them to beat Jumali but save the final shot for him. When Jomali arrives at the farm, he is badly beaten by Genghis's men, but it doesn't take long before Gudal's young men arrive with Salim and Yamach and rescue Jomali. On the way back, Yamach shows the documents to Jumali and makes him very happy. Salim is also sitting in the back car next to Akin and Jalason, and when Jamil calls and takes care of him, he tells him: "I'm coming now, wait a minute." He asks Akin to drop him off there. Akin does the same.

Chaatai calls Seren and tells him: "Trust is a strange thing. They say that you shouldn't trust your closest people, but trust finally finds a hole and the same water flows inside you. "Forgive me, Seren, for what I'm going to do to you when I come back." At the dinner table of the Jordan family, Genghis happily shows the Egdai to the others. Olga is shocked and sad to see Egda.

Jamil calls Salim again and says in a frightened voice that people have taken him hostage and asks for help. Salim rushes to the warehouse where Jamil is imprisoned to save him. At the same time, Chaatai enters the warehouse and says to Salim who has surrendered: "The weak point makes it easier for Rajat to use people." I know your weakness. You want to love him in despair." With his gesture, Jamil hits Salim and knocks him unconscious.


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