A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 294



To vent his frustration, Salim goes to the forest with Jamil and shoots glass bottles. He tells Jamil: "You know having a brother is the worst thing in the world. You can neither keep it nor throw it away. In fact, family and life are the same. Did I want to be born? If they asked me, I would have said that I don't want to be born so that someone else will live in my place and suffer the pain that I suffered." He, who is a little drunk, asks Jameel to shoot the bottles, and Jameel, who doesn't know, says he can't. Salim points a gun at him and shouts to shoot. Jamil inevitably shoots several bullets towards the bottles while crying. After this, Salim returns home.

Jumali is sitting in Idris' office and thinking about Chaatai's request. Chaatai had asked him to kill Egdai in exchange for the documents.

Shab Yamach comes home after a long time. He remembers some of his childhood memories in the yard and enters the house with disgust and hesitation. The women eat dinner in Saadat's house and Sultan, Salim, Jomali and Yamach sit at the dinner table and eat without looking at each other. Salim runs out of patience and starts teasing him and says to Yamach: "How did you come here?" Jumali also asks the Sultan what is his purpose in doing this? Sultan says: "We always sat at this table. Both when the hero died, when Sena died and when Idris died. This table is not for eating, it is for remembering our families. I raised you and did not sit at this table. You can make any mistakes outside this house, but you all have to sit at this table at eight o'clock." Everyone is silent and continues to eat. On the other hand, at the Jordanian dinner table, Soraya and Olga are constantly teasing each other about trivial and ridiculous things, and Chaatai and Egdai are trying to blame each other for the bad events that happened in the company recently.

After dinner, when Jomali is in the room and Sultan is in the kitchen, Salim angrily says to Yamach: "I had a father whom I hated very much, we fought a lot, I loved him very much." I loved him more than all of you. You took my fight from me and now I fight only with myself. Yamach, why did you take my father away from me?" Yamach starts crying and Salim's tone gradually becomes more serious and angry and he repeats his question again. Yamach has no answer. Salim asks Sultan to go to the women and he himself goes to Idris's room and takes his revolver and brings it to the table and sits facing Yamach and says to Yamach while putting a bullet in the revolver "It is difficult to point your gun at Idris Kochvali and shoot him. I could not do it. How did you do that?" He puts the gun to his head and shoots. This upsets Yamach a lot. This time, Salim loads the revolver for Yamach, but out of his sight, he takes out the bullet he put in the gun and hands the empty gun to Yamach. Yamach puts the revolver on his throat and shoots twice in a row. Salim forcefully takes the revolver from his hand and Yamach cries, "What did you think of yourself?" I shot my dad, can't I shoot myself? Didn't my father tell you to protect your family at any cost? What did you do not sell your family? But I protected. Could you shoot your father to protect your family? I shot." He takes the revolver and goes to the photo of Idris and says, "Dad, tell them, didn't I protect them?" Salim, crying, takes the revolver from him and hugs him. Yamach moaned and fell asleep in Salim's arms.

According to the agreement he made with Chaatai, Jumali follows Egdai from the moment he leaves the company and surrounds his car with the help of Mateen and the neighborhood kids. Chaatai watches this scene in his office through his drones. When Jumali opens Egday's car, his face is surprised and confused. A little later he throws a bomb into the car and detonates it. Chaatai asks Jenak to check the scene and make sure that the work is done properly.

Jamil, who was assigned by Chaatai to approach Salim and finish his work at the right time, calls Chaatai and says: "I almost finished the work, but I didn't." Are you satisfied with me?" Chaatai says: "You did well, you haven't taken any action yet. We are very pleased with you."


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