A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 293



In the warehouse, the hero asks Nadim who is Khalil Ibrahim? Nadeem calmly answers: "Let's do something. You release me and I will go and ask my client to arrange an appointment with you." If you don't want, you can beat me here until morning, but know that I won't say a word." The hero accepts his offer and sets him free, and then takes Yamach to the pub for the first time. In the pub, he expresses his regret for letting Yamach interfere with his work and says to Yamach: "From now on, even if I want you, you should not accept it either." When my son Ajar was born, I told myself that my son should be like his uncle Yamach and study. Everyone calls us sir out of fear, but they should call you sir out of respect. Mr. Yamach Kochvali, chemical engineer.

Genghis's men wait behind the factory doors to attack and force the workers out after Genghis's time is up. During this time, Yamach is being tortured by Morteza, but Morteza, who has worked with Yamach before, is not too harsh on him. Genghis's men pick up their batons to greet the workers as per Genghis' order, but they are confronted by Akin, who has brought the youths of the pit with him. Pit youths with sticks and sticks appear in seventeen factories at the same time and help the workers and defeat Genghis's people. When this news reaches Genghis, Yamach sends him a gold bar. Genghis angrily goes to Yamach with Chaatai and asks the meaning of his work. Yamach recalls the story of the theft of Genghis's gold and says: "That day, Morteza and I stole your gold with the help of each other." Then we put the gold in one of the tankers of your factory. If you don't accept my conditions, the combination of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid will dissolve your gold and you will lose two hundred and fifty million dollars." When money comes up, Genghis calmly asks Yamach to state his conditions. Yamach says: "You have to let me go." I am not your dog. You should not harm Godal or my family. You should also let go of Morteza. You have to accept all the conditions of the workers." Genghis says: "Okay, but without the fact that when I find my gold, I will destroy you, your pit, and your family."

Jumali makes an appointment with Sarmad to get the documents back, but at the end of the appointment, he meets Chaata in the building where Sarmad sent his address. Jumali hatefully looks at Chaata who is holding the documents of the neighborhood and grinning. A little later, Chaata releases Jomali and Jomali curses himself and hits his head in front of the door of the building.

After being released, Yamach goes to Egdai's room and puts the workers' conditions sheet in front of him and says that he must sign it according to Genghis's order and implement the workers' wishes very soon. Egdai reluctantly agrees. Yamach says while leaving her room: "Don't you need anything just for your funeral?" "Probably because your family will be busy, I am going to take care of your funeral." Egdai thinks that Yamach is threatening him, but Yamach says that it is useless and that Chaatai is actually planning to kill Egdai. Egdai is shocked and asks Yamach to sit down and explain more.

Sultan goes to Ardaneta's house and asks Yamach to come home for dinner at eight o'clock. Yamach accepts. In the house of Kochvalis, when Jumali finds out about this, Sultan sighs but accepts without objection. Salim gets angry and shouts at Sultan: "Do you understand what you are doing? You can't make me sit at the same table with Yamach. Yamach is alive, okay, he can live somewhere for himself, but he can't eat at my father's table. Do whatever you do, but I will not sit at that table." Salim goes out of the house and tells him in front of Sultan's door: "If you don't come back, I won't give you my rights."


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