A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 291

Pit 104

When Wartlow and Madd are on their way home, they see the Kochvalis' house open without a guard. Wartlow gets worried and enters the house, but he sees Aisha and Karaja sitting alone at the dinner table... Wartlow asks Karaja: "Is everyone leaving?" And he means happiness. Wartlow is upset when Caraja confirms. Salim did not come home that night and is sitting in a bar and thinking about his people.

On the other hand, Najart goes to the Sultan and says: "Mom, when we were coming here, I was happy that I would be away from happiness." But I saw that he came too. I can no longer live with him under the same roof.." Sultan says: "That matter is over..." But Najart Baby puts the check on the table and says: "This matter will never end! Sultan stares at Baby Check with horror!

Early in the morning, Alicho takes Idris to the place where he found Maleeha. Idris is a little worried and keeps asking Alicho if he is sure that he saw Maleeha. Alicho takes her hand and takes her inside. Idris enters Maleeha's room and sees her from behind. Alicho asks him why he doesn't enter the room and Idris says: "I killed Maleeha." I killed him because of the pit. Now both Gudal and Maleeha are gone... What should I say to her? Tell me, do you forgive me? ... I want something from you now, my son. If Maleeha had any wishes, tell me..." and leaves.

At the breakfast table, Sultan calls Saadat and shows him the baby check and says: "What is this?! Saadat stares at him in disbelief. Sultan continues: "Even my son's betrayal will not burn me so much!" You destroyed me! Pack your things now and get out of here! You have no place in this house. Saadat cries and collects his things and leaves. On the way, he sees Idris and gets out of the taxi and goes towards him and kisses his hand and says: "Daddy, make your right halal..." and goes to Idris who calls his name in surprise. He knocks, he doesn't pay attention. Idris goes to the Sultan and says: "You said Saadat go?" Call him now and apologize and tell him to come back. Why don't you leave this girl alone? Sultan says: "Since you don't let him go...let him go." He has been gone for a long time.. Let someone be me. Let her go to her baby's father..." Idris stares at him...

When Pasha and Uncle return to the neighborhood, Vartlo's men capture Pasha and handcuff him in a warehouse and keep him there for a whole day. Wartlow walks up to him and holds the gun to his heart and says, "Did you think I forgot to get my account back from you? Pasha says: "Everything I did was for the sake of Godal and my family..." At the same time, Madd informs Wartlo that Saadat is waiting for him in the coffee house, and Wartlo arrives immediately. Saadat asks Wartlow: "Look... it's over, you won." are you happy Wartlow avoids answering and finally says that he is not happy at all. Then he asks Saadat: "I lost you... now I'll tell you to stay, will you stay?" Saadat says: "No... I'll tell you to go, will you come?" Then he puts Wartlow's hand on his stomach. Wartlow bursts into tears of joy and hugs him. Later, he goes to see Salim at night and says: "I was not afraid of anything in my life. even death But now I'm afraid for my child... I'm not anymore..." Then he hugs Salim and leaves.

Yamach visits Sena in the hospital and Sena asks him to take her out because she is no longer feeling well and can't bear to stay there. Yamach stares at him sadly and then says: "Okay, I'll take you away from here." They will take you to another place. "Sena gets mad and angrily pushes him and says: "Don't ever come here again. go out! Then he cries.

Dr. Sena calls Yamach to his room and Yamach confronts the police officers there. The doctor tells him: "You said that Ajah gave this medicine to Sena, right?" Aje is my friend whose body was found in the forest and the body has been dead for at least two weeks... Either you are lying or Aje did not give this medicine to Sena! Yamach says: "I now know who did this." But I can't explain now. Then he anesthetizes the police officers and goes to Dr. Ajeh's office, and then he calls Azgi, a fake doctor, and asks him to meet in his office. He also goes to the doctor's office and meets Yamach who found his fake documents. Through him, Yamach finds Imrah's place, and after the two beat each other, Yamach knocks him to the ground and points a gun at him, to which Emrah says: "If I die, you will never see Sena again." ! And Yamach refrains from killing him.


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