A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 289



In the attack on Safa neighborhood, he goes to Mateen's house and knocks on the door and calls Fidan. Although Fidan is scared, he surrenders himself and goes with Safa in order not to harm others. To stop them from leaving, Makkah rushes forward but is shot and Akin takes him to the hospital.

Salim goes to see Yamach. Yamach tells him: "One of Genghis' partners is going to attack the pit. Gather your attention. Ask Jumali not to attack, because his back will be against Genghis and a big fight will happen." Salim smiles and says, "Is that what you wanted to say?" Well, let them attack. Do you want to tell Jumali not to attack, you were yourself and they were attacking the pit, and you would sit there?" "I'm telling you to be careful," says Yamach. If my words are of no value to you, why did you come here? Why did you give me back my ring?" Salim says: "I made a mistake, I gave you the ring back because you forgot who you are." You forgot who gave you that ring and why." Ten years ago, with the help of Yamach's intelligence, the hero and Salim manage to find the potion seller and reach Khalil Ibrahim's kitchen through him. But they get stuck in the kitchen and are surrounded because Khalil Ibrahim's men have been waiting for their arrival and are fully prepared. Khalil Ibrahim's men trap the hero alone and Nadim shows himself to the hero and says: "We don't want you to get hurt." Mr. Hero, don't follow Khalil Ibrahim anymore and let him go." The hero, who has no choice, leaves the kitchen in a daze while many questions occupy his mind. At home, he explains the story to Salim and says, "I have to find out what's going on. The party could easily kill me, but I didn't want to go. If necessary, I will talk to my father and get to the bottom of this matter." A little later, the hero presents Yamach with a ring to thank him, and Yamach is very excited. Now, remembering this incident, Salim says to Yamach: "You forgot who you are." You bow in front of everyone and run away. come to yourself You don't remember this situation at all." Salim returns to the neighborhood and sees the broken windows and injured people and notices the attack by Namaq. Upon his arrival, another group of unscrupulous people attack the neighborhood and this time they target the house of the Kochvalis. In the house of the little ones, everyone goes to the hiding place, except for Sultan, who is busy preparing Yamach's favorite food in the kitchen and does not pay attention to the sound of bullets. Jumali and Damla and Akin arrive home in time and protect the family.

Genghis asks Yamach to deal with the workers' strike and dissuade them from not working. Yamach goes to the Egdai pharmaceutical factory and listens to the protesting and unpaid workers. One of the workers says: "We neither leave nor work here. Until they don't accept our terms, the situation will remain like this." Yamach tells their stories to Genghis and asks him to pay the workers' salaries. Genghis shouts angrily, "Who asked for your opinion?" Go and tell them either they will work until tomorrow morning or they will be fired." This time Yamach returns to the workers in the way Genghis wants and threatens them.


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