A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 286



Yamach is very happy for not losing his child and gives two trays of baklava to Akin to distribute in the neighborhood. When Akin finds out that Yamach is going to be a father, he congratulates him from the bottom of his heart and hugs him.

Chaatai decides to entrust Morteza with the mission of receiving one and a half tons of gold and delivering them to the fund. He tells Morteza: "This is your last chance to save yourself." If you don't succeed and something goes wrong, I won't spare you. Meanwhile, you must obey CERN in this operation." Morteza accepts this offer. When Yamach returns to the warehouse where he lives, he sees Morteza there. Morteza tells him: "I was living my life, but you got into a fight with me and did not blacken me." I did whatever you wanted because of you, I am in this situation. Now I want to get rid of these Jordans. I leave here dead or alive. Would you help me?" Yamach says that he doesn't want to trust him anymore because the result of his last trust was the killing of Shenul. Morteza insists and apologizes for killing Shenul.

Jumali asks Alicho to read Amir's notebook and find an address where he can steal a lot of money from Jordanians. Before Alicho starts his work, Yamach calls him and says, "The Jordanians have a delivery tonight. Give Jomali the address that I will tell you and tell him that there is a lot of gold that if you cut it before it enters the box, it will all be yours." Alicho does this and Jomali goes to the address he got with him, Akin and Mateen. They are waiting for the truck carrying the gold, when Yamach suddenly arrives to help Jumali. Jomali starts beating him and without giving him permission to explain, he keeps saying, "You came to ruin my work, right?" You set a trap." On the other hand, both Morteza and Seren have boarded the truck and several cars full of Jordanian people are chasing the truck to take care of it. Jumali forgets about Yamach when he sees the truck and fights shoulder to shoulder with the Jordanians. Chaatai's people are killed and only Morteza and Seren, who are in the truck, leave the palace. In order to protect Seren, Morteza imprisons him in the cabin of the truck, and he himself goes to Yamach and the others, but does not fight with them. Yamach also does not allow Jumali to shoot Morteza. Some time later, Morteza, while being shot, drags himself to the room and opens the door for Seren. CERN comes out and faces the empty truck and the bodies of their people.

Yamach goes to Chaatai's office and tells him: "I give you the right to punish me for the prank I did." Do you have anything to do with me?" Chaatai says he has nothing to do and leaves him. At the same time, Seren arrives and sadly informs Chaatai that the gold has been stolen. Chaatai throws the room in anger and Yamach smiles hearing Chaatai's splashes.


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