A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 281



Jumali goes home angrily and confronts Vartolo and Mateen in the yard. He blames them for interfering with Yamach's work in the pit. Vartolo defends what he did and says: "The kids want to tell you to solve the problem but they don't find you. "Yamach is still trying to protect the neighborhood despite people like you." Jomali says: "Yamach doesn't have to do anything. I am enough for the neighborhood. I wasn't there because I had a lot of work to do. Vartolo says: "Why lie, Yamach can get away with much more than this." Salim also confirms his words. Jomali, whose pride is hurt in front of the crowd, tells Vartolo: "You and that Yamach love each other so much because you are both the same." You are the murderer of his brother, and he is the murderer of his father." The discussion starts and Jumali says: "Do you remember what my father said?" He said that if you have a book account, settle it after my death. If I haven't killed you before, it's because of my wife and children. I'll pull you out of the pit, if you're not, I'll kill you." Vartolo does not hesitate, but Saadat begs him to leave. Vartolo also leaves the pit.

Alicho takes Sultan to his house and explains the story of Yamach shooting Idris in his own way. He says: "Uncle himself said to kill me. He said kill me for the family. Otherwise, Yamach would not have done that." Sultan remembers that he himself asked Idris to sacrifice himself to protect their family. She returns home crying and locks herself in the room.

Chaatai warns Genghis that taking the reins of Yamach will not be so easy and that he should still be afraid of his rebellion. Genghis does not accept his words and reminds Yamach of his previous mission which was successfully completed.

Vartolo calls Akin and asks him to do something for him. Jumali sees Akin talking and gets suspicious and asks what is he hiding? Akin reluctantly says, "Uncle, you don't need to know." I won't give you a headache. But Saleh said that there is a load of drugs that must be delivered by Yamach. He wanted me to understand whether you want to make trouble or stay in the neighborhood." Jumali says while getting ready to attack the cargo of the Jordanians: "Tell that Saleh that the public doesn't want to do anything and will stay in the pit."

While leaving the cargo and Yamach, Chaatai reminds him that he has not yet gotten over his brother's revenge and will retaliate soon. Yamach moves to the destination along with a number of Jordanian people and a two-ton cargo. On the way to the forest, Jumali and a number of Gudal youths attack them. Yamach does not try to fight the people of the pit and gives up very soon. He deliberately tries to make Jumali greedy. Jomali also beats Yamach and Yamach faints in front of Trili. Jomali orders Yamach to burn the sexes without paying attention. When the trailer starts to catch fire, Jumali can't stand it and lifts Yamach and drags him to a safe place so that he doesn't get hurt. After they leave and the trailers explode, Yamach returns to Ardaneta's house, satisfied with the result and happy with Jomali's love. With a wounded face, he informs Genghis about the failure of the mission and says that he could not identify the perpetrators of the attack. After releasing Yamach, Chaata laughs and says to Genghis: "You didn't believe me, I wanted you to see with your own eyes that Yamach is not reliable." The sexes reached their destination half an hour ago with my people. What burned Yamach was only salt."


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