A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 280



After confronting Yamach, Chaatay reminds him that just as he attacked Khalil Ibrahim's relatives, he must also protect Jordanians and show his loyalty. Genghis confirms his words.

Salim takes Karaja to the restaurant he always goes to. Karaja tells Salim not to worry too much about Sultan and Jomali's behavior because they have always been like that and they have never seen or listened to Salim. Salim is a little embarrassed that Karaja is aware of this and even considers himself similar to him, but he says, "Don't think about these things. I will fix it. I won't let anyone hurt you." These words encourage Karaja.

After Yamach leaves, Genghis explains to him what Yamach did in Chaatai's absence and says: "I wanted to kill his brothers, but he stopped me with an extraordinary move. Don't forget that I made an agreement with Yamach. There are rules." Genghis leaves the room and whispers, "I didn't make an agreement." There are no rules." He randomly chooses one of the Yamach family men to kill to avenge his brother Eric.

The news of Alexander's recovery reaches Yamach and Vartolo, and they immediately go to see him. Yamach asks Iskandar to talk to Khalil Ibrahim and open a way for them to come to an agreement. Iskandar agrees and quickly calls Nadim and makes an appointment with Khalil Ibrahim.

Yamach and Vartolo go to the tavern together, and Vartolo is a little worried when he hears that Chaatai is back. On the other hand, he happily talks about his problems and asks Yamach for advice. Yamach says: "Saadat thinks that you cannot meet his expectations." You have to go in front of him and tell him that this is who you are. Ask Saadat if he can be happy without you or not?" Vartolo immediately gets up and goes to the door of Saadat and says the same words. Saadat cannot tell him that he will be happy without him. Vartolo takes Saadat to a garden decorated with flowers and candles and dances with her, makes her happy and promises that after about twenty years, if he retires, he will live in peace like an ordinary man.

When Damla sees that the situation in the house is messed up and Salim is upset with Jumali and Sultan, she asks Jumali to show attention to Karaja and in this way win Salim's heart in order to reconcile them. Jomali goes to Karaja's room, but Ayesha doesn't allow him to talk to Karaja, saying that her daughter has been hurt enough by their actions. Jumali angrily returns to his room.

Salim decides to take care of the affairs of the neighborhood himself and goes to the gun dealers to solve their problem. He realizes that they have no guns to sell and that they are unemployed and penniless and have no money left to buy guns. Ahmad La says to Salim, "When we went to the Fidan case with weapons and used our weapons, we could no longer sell them." Salim and Amo, who were unaware of Fidan's case, sit down. They politely go to Idris' office and ask him for an explanation. Mateen inevitably tells the story of the help that Yamach had trouble solving. Uncle and Salim do not object to this, but they ask Mateen not to say anything to Jumali. On the other hand, Farhad, who found out about the case, explains everything to Jomali.


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