A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 28

Pit 37-1

Yamach brings Wartlow to a safe house, but Kamal and Jumali object to him being with them, and Yamach only says, "We need him." Vartlo comes to hear these words and says: "I am Saleh Kochvalim." My father's name is Idris and his last name is Kochvali. Jumali gets angry and says: "If we were going to say something to every bastard, we would have had a job by now!" They argue a bit and finally Wartlow says loudly: "If we don't trust each other, we will all die." My mom died because of you. I will fight that your mother will not die soon. I will fight until one of my father's sons dies. Jumali calms down a bit and Vartlo says: "When everything is fixed and we get Gudalo back. Anyone who has an account with me comes to take back the account like a man. »

Saadat has been imprisoned in a warehouse for days. He asks his guard Lal to walk a little or at least let him go to the kitchen to prepare something for him. Lal accepts. A little later, one of the young people brings home the badly wounded Black Lamb, and Saadat, who is heartbroken for him, tries to help him. When Chetu sees Saadat above him, he says to him: "The doctor is no longer needed." Now that you have interfered in this matter, you have to take care of him until he gets better, but if he dies, you will die with him! Saadat inevitably accepts.

Cheto is busy counting the money they got from selling the materials, but Mahson says, "It's not our money yet. First, we have to buy the best kind of raw materials, then we will make the highest quality material in the world, and then if that material is sold, this money will be ours. Chetu smiles and says: "Why do you think I'm stupid?! Our best people are going to go and take the goods. Mahsoun gets a little nervous and says: "What do you mean?" So what are we doing? If someone needs to go, it's me. Chatto says: "Last time you went, Mahsun." You saw what happened... I can't lose you. »

Daren enters the house and realizes that a thief has come from its messy state. He immediately calls Sena and says that the thief has entered the house and to come immediately. But Sena says he can't come. On the other hand, Mahson has left someone to inform him whenever the senate enters the house. He informs Mahsoun that a girl other than Sena entered the house. However, Mahson immediately arrives there and introduces himself as Fikrat, the neighbor from below. They talk a little and call each other's numbers. Darren liked him.

Yamach explains his plan to Kamal, Jumali and Wartlo. His decision is that they should grab the raw material before it reaches the black lambs. Wartlow says: "The number of people who sell raw materials was in an office that is now in Chato's hands. But Madd also has a copy of them. We have to find help. »

Yamach and Wartlow go for help. Yamach asks Wartlow why he is no longer with Madd. "When Chatto and his men attacked us, he put himself in front of the bullets because of me," says Wartlow. He was shot four times. I broke up with him so that he wouldn't suffer more because of me. They went to the bar where Madd used to work, but Madd was not there. One of the staff there tells about the handsome boy who helped Madd and took her away. Yamach and Wartlow immediately understand that he means Jalason.


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