A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 279

Pit 101

Amrah goes to Nazem and says to him: "Yamach must have understood something because they came to both of us. Nazem asks Amrah to call Salim and Wartlo so that they all gather somewhere and share their thoughts. In the morning, Salim approaches them and says: "Wartlow doesn't have to come." I told him everything.. Now... One thing is that you should be safe. You should not be together and only use the phone. Nazem asks Salim: "Does Yamach know you?" Amrah answers earlier: "I think he knows." Even the one who admitted that he is healthy! Then he points the gun at him. Salim says: "What do you think if you knew I was here now?" "Then he says: "Today is the last day. We must attack. We have no other choice. We must destroy Yamach's mind as much as we can. It means that it will be a pit today or the last day... or we..."

In the morning, Idris gathers the whole family and even Jalason around the stage table. Karaja goes to talk to Yamach about Akshin and Jalason and says, “Akshin and Jalason love each other! Yamach smiles and says: "I knew." You have to be blind not to see this! Karaja asks Yamach to talk to Idris about their marriage. At the same time, Kamal informs Yamach, Salim and Idris that Jem's father was killed by Jumali.

On the other hand, Wartlow and Madd go to their place in the neighborhood and as soon as Wartlow enters the shop, Jem points the gun at him! Jem tells Madd to go and bring Yamach there immediately. Yamach also arrives and Jem asks them to get up and get into the car while pointing the gun at both of them. Idris, Kamal and others are witnessing this scene and there is nothing they can do. At the same moment, Jalason enters the trunk without Jem noticing and goes with them.

Karaja tells Akshin that Yamach is going to talk to Addis for their marriage. Akshin gets very happy. On the other hand, Sena asks Akshin and Ajar if they have gone to Saadat's house, to which they both say no. This move of Sena does not go away from Najert's eyes and he asks Ajar what Sena wanted from him and Ajar says: "The same things that happened yesterday!" And Najart remembers that he had sent Ajar to Saadat's house to get a tailor's thimble, Ajar had found Baby Check, and then when Najart saw Baby Check, he had told Ajar not to tell anyone about this case.

Jem takes them out of the city and then handcuffs them and throws oranges at them from time to time. A little later Jalason comes out of the trunk and says: "I came to see the death of these two people with my own eyes." One of them killed my father. He said that he would avenge my father, but he didn't. Jem trusts him and hands him the next grenade. Jalason throws the grenade right in front of the two of them and they both run away in fear. When Jem throws up the next grenade, Jalason headbutts him, knocking him unconscious, freeing Yamach and Wartlow as well. A little later, Dr. Sena calls him and says: "There is something important that I have to tell you about Sena..." Yamach listens to his words carefully and then goes to Jalason and says Akshin will come to propose at night! Jalason shakes it and is happy.

On the other hand, Yeels tells Khadijah about the investment in Kelly's company and tempts Khadijah.

Yamach goes to the fake doctor's office and Ezegi tells him: "I talked to one of my friends at the clinic and told him about Sena and his condition. He said that Sena's condition is such that he should be hospitalized! Yamach tells him: "I did not find you." My wife found it. I haven't said anything yet, but this is too much! You do not understand what you are saying! From now on, I want to show Senaro to another doctor. When Yamach gets up to leave, Ezegi gives him the number of his friend who is in the clinic. Yamach leaves angrily.


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