A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 278


Part 101 – 4

Akin meets with Yamach to inform him about the status of the enchantment. "I think he killed those killers and his grandmother to protect you," Akin says. Yamach, who was unaware of this, is surprised and sighs.

At night, when Salim arrives home, he goes straight into Karaja's room to talk a little. He bandages Karaja's wounded hand and slowly asks why he killed Azar even though he loved him so much. Karaja answers: "Because he was the murderer of my grandfather." Grandma told me. He came to our wedding and said that if I marry Azar, he will never forgive me. One of them is that he gave me a gun when he left." Salim, who didn't know anything, gets upset and nervous after hearing these words, but he doesn't show his displeasure. A little later, at the dinner table, Salim neither eats nor looks at anyone, he suddenly asks Karaja to go to his room for a few minutes. After leaving, Karaja Jumali asks Salim what happened? Salim says: "Ask my mom." Then he asks the Sultan himself: "Did you ask Karaja to kill Azar?" Everyone is surprised by this question, but the Sultan confirms it without hesitation and turns to Salim: "So you wanted to marry the murderer of his grandfather?" Salim upsets the dinner table in anger and angrily tells the Sultan: "No one has the right to decide for my daughter's future." nobody." Jumali asks Salim not to disrespect the Sultan and Salim shouts in response: "Do you understand what you are saying? Karaja is my daughter. Why should Zana and our girls get guns?" After saying his words, he leaves the house and Karaja, who heard their voices from the staircase, follows Salim and asks his permission to go out together. Ayesha fights with Sultan and Jumali and blames them for the calamity that happened to Karaja.

Yamach and Vartolo enter the ship together, where Khalil Ibrahim's belongings are to be transported. They get into a fight with Khalil Ibrahim's men and after a while they finally find the sexes and pull them out of the ship. Yamach and Vartolo set the objects on fire at the pier before reinforcements and Nadim arrive. The news reaches Genghis very quickly and makes him happy. Genghis calls Yamach and asks him to arrive early for dinner.

Nadim goes to his boss, Khalil Ibrahim, and informs them of the destruction of their species and says, "It seems that Yamach is behind this case." In my opinion, in this situation, it is not bad to accept the offer of cooperation with Iskandar in order to compensate our loss sooner." On the other hand, Dr. Salami's assistant calls the doctor with fear and says about Iskander's condition: "There is a problem, we are losing the patient."

As soon as Genghis saw Yamach, he clapped his hands and congratulated him on this success. Then he goes to the dining room with him and says: "Arik's death caused some problems and our group was left without a leader. You know who the main owner is, don't you?" At the same time, Chaatai enters the hall and stands in front of Yamach's sad and startled eyes and says with a smile: "I didn't keep you waiting long, did I?"


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