A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 276



Uncle finds a job for Aikot and makes him happy and hopeful. Salim thanks his uncle and uncle says: "You are thanking me as if I am doing it for the reward. This is our duty. Idris was the father of the pit. Being a father is not only about protecting, but you have to take people's hands in time and solve their problems." Under the influence of his words, Salim returns to a memory from the past. A few years ago... the hero sees Salim singing in one of the bars and slaps him in the ear and says: "We told you that you came to bring money to the bars and sing in front of the staff." Who will take you seriously like this? You are Mr. Mahalah." Salim shouts angrily: "I am not Mr. Mahalah." you are a gentleman My father, uncle and Jomali are not me and I don't want to be." He storms out of the bar and sits in a corner unhappily. The hero goes after him and says in a gentler tone, "You mean your older brother's words were so valuable to you?" I'm telling you these things because one day when I'm not there, the responsibility will fall on you, and then I don't want you to bend under the burden of responsibility. You have to prepare yourself. I also wanted to be comfortable and live my own life, but next to our name there is also a family that we did not choose, but it brings responsibility to us." He calls him under his breath. Ayesha tells Salim in front of the coffee shop that Karaja is not well and that he has hurt himself and only listens to Salim's words. Salim promises to talk to Karaja.

Mecca goes to Safa and says to her: "Do you know which neighborhood Fidan's child is from?" Safa throws some money in front of him to make him go, but Mecca attacks him and after a little fight, Safa's men knock him unconscious and leave him in a corner of the city.

Yamach meets Vartolo in a public bath and tells him that he has a mission from Genghis and he must destroy the genitals of a person named Khalil Ibrahim. But he further explains his plan and says: "Of course, it is like this for now, but since the enemy of my enemy is my friend, in the future I will try to cooperate with Khalil Ibrahim against Genghis."

Jomali, who imprisoned Nadim in a warehouse, goes to him and asks who he is and who he works for? Nadim says: "My client's name is Khalil Ibrahim. In the drug business, he is the main rival and enemy of Cengiz Ardante. When he found out that Gudal was also an enemy of Genghis, he asked me to come here and investigate. My client would be happy to work with you to destroy Genghis." Jumali does not agree to cooperate with them, but says: "We don't need help." You do your work, we will do ours." He frees Nadeem.

Alicho and his colleagues find Mecca next to the garbage, and Alicho takes her to the pit. Mecca regains consciousness and explains the story to everyone. Vartolo takes Safa's case more seriously and asks Yamach for help in punishing him.


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