A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 275


Part 101 – 1

Genghis tells Yamach to say goodbye to his brothers because he will kill them all soon. Yamach asks him to wait a few minutes to make a better decision. He puts his cell phone in front of Genghis and shows him the pictures of Genghis's sons, each one of them being shot by Mateen, Mecca and Alicho. Yamach says: "You can also say goodbye to your sons because if you don't stop killing my brothers, you will be the only man in your family who will survive." Genghis, who was satisfied and liked Yamach's clever work, smiles bitterly and orders to cancel the mission.

Under the pretext of giving money, Akin made an appointment with Ramzi to kill him and shut his mouth in this way, but before he took out the gun, Jomali, who suspected them, arrives and questions them. He takes Akin and Ramsay to a corner separately to witness their contradictory words, but Akin and Ramsay are not wrong and give good excuses and say that they were supposed to exchange money. Ramzi shows himself eager to work for Jomali and return to the pit, and Jomali tells him: "If you want to come back, I have a condition." I will tell you what I want in time. Until then, you won't get out of your blood." On the other hand, Jumali does not believe Akin's words completely and tells him that if he has hidden something, he will pay for it.

A girl from Gudal neighborhood named Fidan enters the Makkah shop with a scarred and bruised face and head. Mecca asks him what happened and Fidan says crying, "My boyfriend Safa did this." He is not one of the children of this neighborhood. The son of my employer....he destroyed me."

Karaja is looking for the book that Azar gave him in his room, and when he sees that the corner of his book is folded, he gets angry and starts beating Ayesha and yelling. Ayesha, who is worried about Karaja's behavior, suggests that they take him to the doctor, but Sultan disagrees and says, "Do you know how much Karaja is respected in the neighborhood?" I will not let my grandson be called crazy."

Genghis has a new mission for Yamach and tells him: "You must destroy the genes of a person named Khalil Ibrahim. The children will tell you the exact address and location. You can use my people for this." Yamach welcomes his proposal and says: "Eliminating drugs is an advice left to me from my father. I gladly accept, but I prefer to do it myself."

Fidan shows Makkah in the live that Safa put on his page and mentioned about beating him. Mecca gets very upset and says: "This live is not new. "If you had said it earlier and not continued with the person who was beating you, you would have gotten rid of him by now." Mecca looks for Jomali to solve Fidan's problem and take his revenge, but Jomali does not appear and Vartolo moves forward. Mecca tells the story of Fidan to Vartolo and he quickly leaves to go and settle Safa's account.


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