A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 274

Pit 100

Saadat is at home and even though he is in pain, he does not allow Sena to go to the hospital because he is worried that others will find out what happened. Sena keeps crying and Saadat asks her to calm down. On the other hand, Wartlo looks sadly at the door of Saadat's house and the helper who knows his condition says: "Brother, put your teeth in the liver first, this matter will be resolved, my happiness will be resolved..." Wartlo says with despair: "This matter is resolved Well, that one is impossible to solve. "Suddenly, he sees Saadat and Sena coming out of the door of the house, and he realizes that there must have been news and follows them. Wartlow sees that Saadat and Sena have entered the hospital and gets worried, but Madd asks him to hold his hand and not go forward. On the other hand, when the doctor sees that Saadat has been stabbed, he immediately goes to work, but Saadat tells him: "We have a hospital in our neighborhood, but the first thing is sensitive, I might be pregnant." Sena sadly apologizes to him. And he cries. The doctor sees Sena's condition and suspects him, but Saadat describes the stabbing in a different way, which the doctor does not believe. Wartlow can't bear it and finally enters the hospital and sees Sena's bad condition. But Saadat wants him to leave early because it is a personal matter. Vartlo Kalafe goes out of there and they go to the neighborhood with Madd.

Salim arrives home drunk and Idris asks him to come to his room. When Idris sees his condition, he asks why, and Salim answers arrogantly, and Idris slaps him hard and then asks him to go to sleep so that no one sees him and feels sorry for his condition.

Yamach angrily goes to a club and after fighting with the guards there and messing it up, he shows the club president a picture of Amrah, Wartlo and Nazim and asks if he knows each of them. The boss confirms that he knows Wartlow and Amrah, and Yamach gets confused. On the other hand, Yamach assigned Mateen and Kamal to follow Nazim and Amrah and wait for him to order an attack. Yamach himself goes home and when he sees Salim sleeping on the terrace of the house, he puts a blanket over him and stares at him sadly. Then he calls Mateen and orders the attack. Mateen also informs Kamal and they both attack Nazem and Amrah at the same time. Amrah runs away from Kamal and Kamal follows him and they both meet somewhere and start fighting and beating each other until they both get tired and listless and Amrah pushes Kamal and his head He hits a pole and in this way Amrah runs away. No matter how much Mateen searches the desired warehouse, he cannot find Nazem. Nazem, who is hiding in the ventilator, calls Amrah through a video call and shows him Mitten and his men. Amrah also sends a message to him to stay still so that he can reach himself.

The doctor informs Saadat and Sena that the wound is superficial and there is no problem, and then he confirms that Saadat is five weeks pregnant and Saadat cries helplessly. Saadat remembers that Baby had lost his hammer. He asks Sena to look carefully when he goes home because he is worried that someone will find it.

When Salim opens his eyes and sees Yamach above him staring at him, he falls a little. Yamach tells him to get up and sleep in his place. At the same time, Mateen calls Yamach and Yamach tells him to come back. Then Yamach goes to Sena's room and when he sees that she is not there, he goes to Saadat's house and informs her that they both went to Sena's mother's house together. Yamach also accepts.


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