A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 273



Yamach, who knows that Genghis's people are always and everywhere following him and listening to his words, puts him and Vartolo in the public bathroom so that they can talk more easily. He tells Vartolo: "The Jordanian family doesn't have each other's back like we do. They are all looking for an opportunity to destroy each other. I have to penetrate them in time, but for now I want something from you. Gather the neighborhood kids, but they don't listen to me, you have to talk to them yourself. I want to send them somewhere." Vartolo agrees as always.

Nahir goes to his lonely and big house, which he has not visited for a long time. The maid is happy to see him and Alicho finds out about Nahir's family. Nahir sadly says that his family is dead and he is left alone in that big house.

After his release, Ramsay calls Akin and threatens him because he knows how Idris died and asks Akin to come see him. Akin inevitably agrees and as soon as he sees Ramsey, he pulls a knife on him. Their conversation remains half and half because Jomali, who is suspicious of Akin's behavior, chases him and sees Akin and Ramzi talking. Akin explains that Ramsay was asking him for money because of the difficult situation he is in. Akin takes some money out of his pocket and pretends in front of Jumali that he is going to kill Ramzi in exchange for money. Jumali tells Akin that next time he should inform him even about such small problems.

When it gets dark, Yamach finds Nadim while coming out of the pit and asks him to help him do something because he is alone and cannot get help from the people of the pit. Yamach puts Nadim in his car and takes him somewhere and says, "There is something I have to do." I have to arrest this guy in that house, but I can't leave him alone. I want you to take care of him." Nadim says that he is afraid of these things, but Yamach does not give up and asks Nadim to wait for him in the car for a few minutes. Then he attacks the house, which is Yaqoob's new hideout, and kills the guards, and after arresting Yaqoob, he hands him over to Nadim and leaves the house. Nearby, Yamach goes to see Genghis who is waiting in his car and broadcasts Nadeem and Yaqoub's conversation to him. Nadim blames Yaqoub for his lack of supply and from their words it is clear that he led Arik to the pit and caused his death. Nadim starts to strangle Yaqoub and Yamach immediately moves towards that house so as not to lose Nadim and trap him. Nadim runs away before Yamach arrives and is chased by Yamach, but because he knows that Yamach does not have the right to enter the pit, he goes to the pit and enters the coffee house in fear and tells Salim and Jomali that Yamach He suddenly attacked him for no reason. Yamach asks Vartolo to bring Nadim to him, and Vartolo enters the coffee shop and tells Jumali and Salim that Nadim is the one who caused the enmity between Arik and Gudal and tried to destroy Arik through Gudal. When Vartolo wants to take Nadim with him, Jumali, despite being jealous of Nadim's prank, does not let Vartolo take him and says: "Nadim is a pitiful person. Go tell this to Yamach. Nadim is Arik's enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Vartolo gets angry and leaves the cafe. He tells the story to Yamach in disbelief.

The next day, Genghis calls Yamach to his room and tells him: "Even though someone else was responsible for my son's death, your brother shot him." Do you think I will let my son's blood be trampled?" Then for Yamach, images of Jumali, Akin, Salim, Vartolo and Idris are shown on the screen. All of them are outside the house and in the clay of Genghis's people. Genghis proudly begins to tell stories about his enemies and the families he easily destroyed, and then he turns to Yamach and says, "Say goodbye to your brothers and nephews." From now on, you are the only man left in your family. Although you are not a little girl anymore." Yamach looks worriedly at the pictures of his family.


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