A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 270

Pit 99

When Wartlow and Madd didn't notice their car, they get upset and confused and try to get into a taxi, but there is no sign of a car or a taxi on that street, so they finally get into a car and start their journey.

On the other hand, Jalason follows some other people of Wartlow and sees that they have entered a warehouse. He sees Jem's father in that warehouse and happily tells Yamach this news. There is less than an hour left until the start of the football game and Jem is anxiously waiting for news from Yamach.

Alicho invites Idris to his house and Idris goes to him. Alicho doesn't know how to start and finally asks: "Have you ever fallen in love, uncle?" Idris smiles and Alicho asks again: "A person kills his love?" Idris was shocked by his question and said: "You ask difficult questions, Alicho.. Yes, I did this." I will never regret in my life. But this was different..."

Finally, Wartlow and Madd reach the warehouse, but when they go to Jem's father, they see one of their own people in his place, and Wartlow gets nervous. On the other hand, Matin, Kamal and some others attacked the other warehouse where Ramzi is in, and Ramzi runs away when he sees them and they happily take the boxes of weapons.

Yamach immediately brings Jem's dad to the field even though the first half of the game has already passed and shows him to Jem. Jem happily hugs his father and then wins the game as promised.

After the victory, Yamach and the others are sitting together, laughing and eating. On the other hand, Salim is in front of Amrah and Nazim and says: "Celebrate for their small victory." If everything goes according to plan, we will see the result soon. "Amrah also says about the situation of the Senate: "It has crossed the border. Take the medicine as much as you should, but if you take more, your condition will be permanent..." Salim says: "Don't rush. We have not seen anything yet. Either he doesn't come in the way or he doesn't leave the room. Amrah gets a little worried and Nazem says about the investment company: "We used to pay old salaries with new money." But we don't get it anymore and we are paying from the fund. I did not know that Gudal loves money so much! Salim says: "People make their bold decisions in their most miserable moments!" But these decisions cannot always be right. At the same time, Yales goes with Ahmed and Mohiuddin and invests a lot of money in the company.

Jem and his father are walking in the streets when someone comes by with a motorcycle and shoots Jem's father and kills him and finally says: "Hello brother Jumali!" »

Saadat, who still couldn't look at Baby Hammer; Finally, he calls Sena to watch Baby Check instead of him. Sena goes with him, but he still hallucinates and sees the same boy who shot at him and fearfully plunges a knife into his stomach and suddenly regains consciousness and sees that he plunges the knife into Saadat's stomach. has done! He sits on the floor and cries in terror.

Yamach goes to Alicho's house and Alicho comes with him. Yamach says that he still hasn't found the right person because things aren't going well for him. Alicho tells Yamach: "Salim asked me to monitor somewhere and there were three of them. A bad person, a lawyer and a righteous wartelo, and a tall, bearded and thin person, but shorter than a lawyer. If he did, why did he come to the wedding? It was like the Senate. Yamach asks Alicho in disbelief: "Did Salim ask you?" Then he thinks sadly and puts the events together and starts crying and says to himself: "You didn't do this to me bro... Tell me you didn't do this... What did I do to you bro?" ....”


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