A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 27

Pit 36-3

Chetu asks Mahsun to kill and bury Yamach and Jomali on the spot when he sees them.

Sena goes to see Idris and Sultan. Idris is surprised and happy to see him, but Sultan does not react. Sena kisses Sultan's hands and Sultan's eyes fill with tears.

Mahsoun comes to the desired address with a large number of his people and they all go forward armed, but their feet step on landmines and they stop with fear. Mahson points the gun at Yamach and says: "I will bury you all in the same pit!" Yamach says calmly: "Bring down your weapons so we can talk." And then he continues: "I didn't come for revenge or anything like that. If I wanted to, it would have been easy to kill you..." After a short pause, he says to call Chetu as well. On the other hand, Jomali goes and disables the car of Mahsoun and his men. When Cheto picks up the phone and hears Yamach's voice, he stops. Later, Yamach makes a video call and shows the status of Mahsoun and his men. Cheto goes crazy and says: "I will cut you to pieces with your seven ancestors and your parents and feed them to pit dogs.. You still don't know me!" "Yamaj jumps in the middle of his speech and says: "The person who killed your brothers was Jomali. He doesn't do this anymore. Because he realized that you are harming the people of Gudal. Your pit. Anyway, we can't break up with you. In return, I only want one thing from you... Stop mobilizing the people of Gudalo to find us and release the people you captured and have nothing to do with them. Then he says to Cheto: "If I was looking for revenge, I would have sent Mahsoun's body to you, Cheto!" I want the people of the neighborhood not to get into more trouble because of us. Chetu says angrily: "If something bad happens to Mahsoun, I will not let him be trapped in a pit of stones on stones." You know this, don't you? »... Cheto shows Yamach the release of Kamal, Mateen and the others through video call. Yamach coolly thanks them and when he is about to leave Cheto says: "What are you doing? Free Mahsoun and the others! Yamach says: "The phone stays with me." I will let you know when we are far enough away. And then they leave with Jumali. When Mahsoun takes his feet off the landmine and looks inside, he notices what they have done.

Wartlow is in a ruin with a madman. The crazy man has taken the bag of lemons and brought them. He says: "I have a grandfather who puts these things next to the trash can for me. Sometimes fruits, vegetables, bread... but it is always fresh. He has a vow... He had five sons, three of whom died. very sad But if you see it, it will be like a mountain. Wartlow asks about the man's other two sons, and the crazy man explains: "He doesn't know where. But one of his wives was pregnant. Only his daughter-in-law and his brother are there. Wartlow is surprised to hear this news and asks again: "Did you say how many sons he has?" And when the madman says, Panjata Vartello is happy and the madman continues: "He says that I am the reason for my son's death..."

When Cheto sees Mahsoun, he says with hatred that he will kill all the pits and will do so from this very night, but Mahsoun says: "We will do this." but not now Now we have to think about the Bulgarians. Let's focus on this side first."

Mateen and Kamal have returned to the safe house in front of Yamach, Jomali and Alicho. Mateen heard and remembered what Mahsoun and Chenu said that day about the production of materials and not having five million enough money while being beaten. He explains everything to Yamach. A little later, Yamach asks Alicho to find Wartlow. Jumali glares at Yamach with anger.

The crazy man, whose name is Khalil, tells Wartlow that about a year ago, when he had someone for himself and was not like this, he was in the same hotel where Hero was attacked, he was also in the lobby of the hotel with his wife and child. It happened that the bullets went through the door and hit his wife and child and killed them. And after that, he slowly lost his mind... Wartlow gets short of breath hearing these words and finally screams and cries loudly. When he returns to the same ruins in the morning, he sees that there is no trace of Khalil and that he is gone.

Makkah and Ajwit have prepared Alicho's house for him like the first day. Alicho is very happy to see his house. Alicho finally finds Vartlo after a thorough search and informs Yamach. Yamach goes to him, and Wartlow sees him and says: "The last time you saw me, you said God damn you... look. He cursed us.. Are you happy? Yamach tells him seriously: "I am very sorry to owe Wartlow to settle the account." Wartlow tells him: "Be quick." kill me But Yamach says: "I don't want to." I need you alive. Yamach extends his hand towards him and Vartlo takes his hand and gets up. Jumali stares at him with hatred and remembers his mother's words that told him to take revenge of the hero no matter what.

Salim keeps going in front of Idris and Sultan's house and looks at them with shame. Idris sees him but closes the door on him.


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