A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 267



Egdai and Arik, who have heard the news of the thefts, go to Genghis' office to be informed of his decisions. Arik complains about Genghis's trust in Yamach, and Egdai complains about the insecurity that has arisen and blames Arik for not being able to do his job properly. Arik turns to Egday and says, "So that's why you tried to kill me?" Egdai denies once again, and Genghis, who is fed up with their arguments, turns to Egdai and says, "Then let's solve this issue." Did you try to kill Arik?" Egdai confidently answers no, and Genghis says to Arik: "You heard your answer." This issue is over." Arik, who is still suspicious of Egdai, is saddened by his brother's acquittal, and after Egdai leaves Genghis's room, he tells him: "Some people are trying to sow seeds of hypocrisy in our family." Understand this." Arik, who is angry with his father's continuous support for Egda, decides to do something himself.

In the cafe, Salim shows Jomali an invitation card. On the invitation card, it is written: "The 50th anniversary of the opening of Ardant Pharmaceutical Company." Jumali's eyes sparkled when he saw the invitation. He says: "You can't leave the invitation unanswered. We have to go and honor their ceremony."

The ceremony of the 50th anniversary of Ardaneta Pharmaceutical Company will be held in the open air. Egda, who is the host, welcomes his guests with good humor. Everything is in order until Jomali and Salim and some young people of Gudal enter the ceremony. Egda goes behind the microphone and when he is about to start his speech, Jumali's legs stretch out on the table. Makkah, Ajwit and Mateen also take different foods from the rest of the guests and stick them in their mouths and attract attention. Egda, who is standing right in front of Jumali, stumbles and interrupts his speech. Jumali shouts while breaking the egg: "Keep going, lion boy." One by one, the guests who feel threatened get up from behind their tables and stand back. Embarrassed, Egdai takes a few steps closer to the Kochuvalis and says to them: "Please leave here before there is more bitterness." Salim, who is impressed by Egda's politeness, fills his patience by pulling the tablecloths. With the gesture of Jomali's hand, the flag of Godal hangs from the building and the youths of Godal fall to the lives of the Egdai guards. The party is ruined and Genghis, who has just arrived there, sends Yamach forward so that he can stop his brothers, but Yamach is not able to do anything. During the conflict between the Gudal youths and the Jordan guards, Jumali says to Yamach: "Son of a man, you became a dog in his house, the murderer of my unborn child." If it was my dad and he saw you here, he would melt with shame and go to the ground."

Arik finds Jacob with the help of Seren and traps him. On the other hand, Yamach enters the pit and wanders around the alleys so much that he finally leaves Genghis' men who are always chasing him. He goes to Vartolo and says: "As long as this person is alive, there will be no peace in the pit." I decided to kill him. Tomorrow they have a hunting party in the forest. Place a sign and a weapon there for me."

Arik took Yaqoub to a warehouse and tortured him to get him to talk, but when he didn't succeed, he tied him to a chair and told him: "Sit down and think for a while." I will come to you later, either you will talk yourself or I will torture you." When Yaqoob feels better, he manages to free his hands and runs away from the warehouse. Arik and Seren, who themselves have provided the conditions for his escape, chase him.

Vartolo goes to Alicho, sits next to him and narrates the story of the king and the prince, which he made up, with flair: "Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful empire. An evil enemy attacked the empire and killed the king's grandson and the prince's wife. And finally he gave the gun to the prince and the king and threatened to kill one of them, otherwise all their loved ones will be killed. The prince decided to kill himself, but the king thought to himself and said, "I gave my life, it's better for my son to live." Then he said to the prince, "I am protecting my family, shoot me." Because the family needs you and the pit needs you." When Alicho hears the name of the pit, he realizes that it means the king and prince, Idris and Yamach, and says under his breath: "Yamach didn't want to kill uncle." Uncle Idris sacrificed himself." Vartolo, who managed to get his point across, sighs and says: "If it goes on like this, believe me, Yamach will also sacrifice himself." He needs you very much."


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