A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 264



Azar's siblings visit their brother's house at midnight and find his body on the balcony. Everyone starts crying and then Yilmaz and his other brothers decide to take revenge on Azar that night. Regardless of their mother's wishes, they attack the house of Kochavalis, but they fail and retreat. The small family spends a difficult night and on the other hand, Fadik asks his sons to collect everything they have so that they can return to their city Adana together tomorrow.

When the weather clears, Karaja reaches the pit on foot and goes to his grandfather's land. Vartolo, who has been guarding his mother's grave all night, brings her back home. Salim, Ayesha and the others go to meet Karaja and are sad to see his condition, but Sultan, who is happy about the trouble that has befallen Azar, smiles at Karaja. Karaja gives a meaningful look to Akin and then hands the gun to his grandmother and says with a sly smile in her ear: "I did my duty, now it's your turn." Sultan does not understand what he means by this sentence. Saadat and Damla take Karaja to the bathroom and Aisha makes her sleep in the room. Salim, who is worried about his daughter, walks behind the door of her room. Karaja sees himself in Azar's arms in his dream, but when he opens his eyes and remembers what happened, he screams loudly. Salim enters her room and hugs and caresses her.

Hours later, Jumali, who wants to avenge the attack of the Azar brothers last night, goes to them alone. He kills Azar's brothers in a gas station while they are about to return to Adana.

Alicho, who has been acting as a distant guardian of Nahir on behalf of the Sultan, informs the Sultan that Nahir is still pregnant. On the other hand, Afsun's grandmother finds the answer to a fragmented test in the trash can of her grandson's room, and when she reads it, she is shocked and calls Arik and asks him to meet as soon as possible.

Arik and Seren go to Fahmi to get him to talk and recognize their enemy, but before Fahmi can say anything, he is killed by a sniper. When the news of Fahmi's death reaches Genghis, he arrives at Neter completely cold. Yamach is surprised by his behavior and does not understand how Genghis's enemies and even those around him set traps for him and his family so easily and yet Genghis does not get angry. Genghis explains with a smile that he is aware of all these conspiracies and is always a few steps ahead of his enemy.

Vartolo talks to Salim about Yamach in the coffee house. Salim is furious when he finds out that Yamach is working for the Jordanians. Vartolo reminds him of his and Salim's mistakes and tries to calm him down, but Salim doesn't calm down and shouts, "I paid for my mistakes." "My father left me behind the door of the house, but I did not become an enemy dog again." Jumali, who has just arrived at the coffee house, hears Salim's words and gets very angry about Yamach's work.

Genghis takes Yamach hunting with him and tells him that from now on, as he protects his own family and loved ones, he must also protect him. Yamach refers to Genghis's bodyguards and asks: "Then what are all these people doing?" Why me?" Genghis smiles and says: "I don't know. Maybe you are more important than you think." On the other hand, Nadim, who heard Salim and Vartolo's words in the coffee shop, goes to his boss and tells him: "Your Yamach works for the Jordanians..."


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