A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 263



Genghis and his men take Yamach to the Godal cemetery near the Kochvali family's grave and order the destruction of Idris's grave. Yamach cries and swears but gives up when he sees Genghis's men planting bombs on his family's grave. On the other hand, Vartolo also arrives and shields his mother's grave and does not allow it to be harmed. Yamach, who has agreed to work for Genghis Jordanet from now on, gets into his car, and at the same time Jomali and the youths run around and reach the cemetery with guns in hand. Genghis takes Yamach with him and the people of Gudal, who think that Genghis has fled from fear of Jumali, sing the slogan "Gudal Khonmun, Jumali Babamun" and Jumali passes through the streets of the neighborhood with a feeling of pride and honor. He arrives at the coffee house, all the people come to kiss his hand, and thus he becomes the father of the pit.

On the other hand, Yamach wears a special suit for Jordanians, and Genghis gives him until midnight to save his son Arik as his first mission. That night, Yamach meets Vartolo, and when Vartolo hears the news of Yamach working for Genghis, he gets nervous and scolds him loudly. Yamach raises his voice and shouts: "I sold myself to the party." "I sold myself and sacrificed myself so that nothing happened to Godal." Vartolo, moved by Yamach's sacrifice, decides to help him save Arik. With the help of the information they got from CERN, they find the garage where Arik is imprisoned. Vartolo and Yamach stop short to save Arik and the duo kills many of Nadeem's guards, but when they reach Arik's car, the crane of the upper car drops and Arik's car is crushed in the blink of an eye. Yamach goes to Genghis's office in despair and gives him this bad news, but there is no sign of sadness on Genghis' face. At the same time, Arik enters. He, who cleverly escaped from the garage before the car was pressed, looks at Yamach with contempt and tells his father that he doesn't want Yamach by his side, but Genghis disagrees. Arik says that the person who took him hostage was Genghis's security manager, Fahmi. Genghis entrusts solving this issue to Yamach and makes Arik angry. Arik, who had heard from Fahmi that Egdai is behind the whole affair, goes to Egdai's company that night and drags him out of the meeting and threatens him and says, "You thought to yourself that Chaatai went too far and wanted to destroy me. it's true?" Egdai does not know what he is talking about and denies these accusations. However, Arik is sure that the work is his work.

After the wedding ceremony, Azar happily takes Karaja to his house and talks to him romantically, but Karaja points his gun at Azar and asks crying, "Is your hand stained with the blood of Idris Kochvali?" Azar keeps a sad silence and then says: "Before, I didn't know that it would happen like this." Karaja honestly says that he fell in love with her, then asks: "Other than you, who else is involved in this?" Azar brings the names of Yujal, Afsun and Akin. When Karaja hears Akin's name, he cries harder. Azar, who can't bear to see her tears, takes a few steps closer to calm him down, but Karaja, who is very shocked by what he heard, shoots him three times and then immediately regrets it and sits on top of Azar, crying and asking for forgiveness. He says: "Nimir Azar." I love you." Azar, who can speak forcefully, tells Karaja: "Don't cry." You are so beautiful that I don't want you to cry." He dies in Karaja's arms, and Karaja sits on top of him for a few hours and puts a blanket over him, and then goes to the street in the same blood-stained wedding dress and with a gun in his hand while confused.


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