A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 261

Pit 96

When Pasha and Yamach talk to him about the destruction of their money and that they have nothing left in their hands, Idris takes Yamach to Alicho because he had lent him some money. Alicho also gives Yamach the money he hid for Idris, and Idris says that it was the last money he had. Then he gives his collection of watches and rosaries to Yamach to sell. Yamach doesn't like it and Idris says: "I got the same money from Godal and now Godal needs them." The pit is more valuable than all these. »

Karaja stares at Akshin for a while and then goes to Jalason and tells him that he is talking to him about Akshin. He explains: "I apologize for earlier." I hurt you so much. I wanted you because you were Akshin's. Because Akshin had everything and I didn't. I knew you as my own right, but now when I look at Akshin, I want his happiness... I say now that Akshin has finished his studies and my grandmother has accepted and my father Idris is in love with you... you want Akshin right now, please get married soon. .." Jalason says: "Akshin's mother is not satisfied..." Karaja says: "Tell me that. I can solve it. Jalason also smiles at him.

Makkah comes to Yamach and gives the number that Daren gave him and says that it is Dr. Sena. Yamach is surprised and a little nervous and then calls the doctor. Amrah is in front of Aje and tells him to tell Yamach to come to his office for the necessary explanations. Yamach gets worried about Sena's condition and then goes to the doctor. Aje tells him: "He must be closely monitored." He sees an illusion. He can't deal with the trouble that happened to him. The only sample is good for him. He speaks very special about you. That you helped him to get better... But now, with what happened, he is bad again. You should always be in front of him and pay attention to him. All he needs is trust. Yamach gets worried and thinks.

Kamal brings someone named Jim to Idris who is going to run the match in a way that favors the Kochvalis so that they can take the gambling money. Jim promises to run the race however they want, provided they get his imprisoned father out of the country safe and sound. Jim said that the person who is harassing his father in prison and may even kill him is Jomali. Yamach is surprised to hear Jomali's name and asks his father to talk to Jomali so that he doesn't have anything to do with Jim's father, but Idris says: "He won't stop even if I tell him." Pasha says that Jim's father should be saved on Friday night without Jumali knowing.

Three days later, Yamach along with Pasha and Kamal went to the prison to rescue Jim's father. Just when it is time for the old man to be freed, Jumali stabs him. However, he dresses up and acts like it's okay and gets past the guards. Yamach, Kamal and Pasha slowly follow him, but at the same time, another car arrives earlier than them and picks up the old man and takes him away. Yamach tries to reach the car but loses the car.

Jim's father is taken to the warehouse where Wartlow is. He says: "For now, you are our guest." »


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