A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 258


Part 96-1

Yamach leaves the pit disappointed and sad. Suddenly, a car stops in front of him and Vartolo gets out of it and tightly hugs Yamach and says to him who is crying: "One day they will understand, brother. They understand that you did it for them. Wait a minute." Nahir, who chased Yamach out of worry, witnesses this scene from a distance.

Yamach asks Vartolo to leave him alone for a while, and Vartolo reluctantly agrees. Yamach goes to Afsun's house, but even there he looks helpless and strange, and he says to Afsun with shame: "I didn't know where to go... I know you are angry with me, but I couldn't think of anyone but you." But if you don't want me to be here..." Fasun doesn't let Yamach's sentence finish and kisses him. Nahir sees them kissing each other from the window of the courtyard of the enchanted house and cries. He spends that night hard and the whole time he thinks about the decision he has to make with anger and tears. That night, Nahir goes to the house of the Kochvalis and takes his belongings from Yamach's room and leaves angrily. Even the mighty sultan cannot stop him.

While drenched in sweat, Akin opens his eyes when he hears the sound of his grandfather's rosary beads hitting each other. But that monotonous and annoying voice doesn't leave his head even when he wakes up, and it can be heard from every corner of the house and keeps spinning in Akin's head. Just when Akin doesn't see an escape route, the sound of Salim's musical instrument is heard from upstairs and calms him down a bit. Akin goes to the roof to see his father and contrary to what he expected, he sees his uncle singing. The shock causes Akin to become short of breath again, and the hero helps him breathe easier, then winks at Akin and calls him a lion boy, reminding Akin that he always called the hero He loves more than his parents. Ekin smiles as he recalls his memories. The hero hugs him kindly, but little by little his face becomes rougher and he wraps his arms around Akin's body and says with hatred, "I wish you were dead." Arik is short of breath and wakes up in Idris's room again. He has several nightmares in a row and in these nightmares he apologizes to Yamach for his mistakes and fights with the self-interested and selfish version of himself.

When Genghis realizes that Arik still hasn't figured out who their new enemy is, he yells at him and angrily says, "If we don't stop them today, they will be more." If we have one enemy now, tomorrow there will be five." Arik promises to solve this case soon.

With fear and shame, Yaqoub gives explanations to his superior Nadim about the defeat they suffered from Arik in the recent operation to exonerate himself, but Nadim laughs at these words and says that he is the first and last to blame for the failure of their mission and In the following, he tells Yaqoub about Jordanians: "They are not like the past." become vulnerable My client is in a hurry in this case. You also have to make up for your mistake."

Azar and Karaja sleep in separate rooms at night, and Azar realizes through his messages to Karaja that he likes to be with her. Karaja comes to Azar's room without delay and lies down next to him. Azar kisses Karaja's cheek and tells him: "Now that you are here, I don't care if I die right now."

Yamach, who spent the night under enchantment, wakes up early in the morning to find Genghis Jordanet in the enchanted house. He casts a reproachful glance at the charmer, thinking that he has collaborated with his enemy. But in fact, two weeks ago, after Yamach was shot by Jumali, Genghis went to Fasun and told him: "Tonight, I can steal Yamach from the hospital and spray him on the head, or do something so that he can never get up from that bed." OK... the choice is yours." Afsun had immediately agreed to answer Genghis's questions in exchange for Yamach's survival. Enchantment accompanied Yamach in all stages of secret treatment, and Genghis had asked him as the first question what Yamach's weak point was and how to control him. Efsun had answered: "The pit." He will do anything to protect the pit. It even passes itself."


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