A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 256



Nadim, the coffee shop in Gudal neighborhood leaves the neighborhood earlier than the end of its working hours. He, who was lame in one of his legs inside the neighborhood, walks straight as soon as he takes his foot out of the pit, and when it gets dark, he and his men attack one of Genghis Jordan's factories and after killing Delivering the guards steals a few tons of drugs from him. Nadeem's people load the materials into one of the trolleys in front of the factory and leave quickly. On the other hand, Arik, who has already attached a tracker to the trolleys, sees the movement of the trolleys on his tablet. He goes with Seren to the garage where the sexes are kept. The garage is full of heavy cars and has many guards. Arik asks Seren to stay in the car and attacks the garage himself along with the reinforcements that have just arrived. A little later, Seren, who is bored in the car, goes to Eric's help and makes up for his indiscretions in the fight. After finding their sexes, Arik sets the garage on fire to complete this operation.

After going through his treatment period with the best facilities of Cengiz Private Hospital, Yamach gets back on his feet. Genghis congratulates him on his departure with a smile, but Yamach, who does not like him, frowns and says that he intends to return to his home. Genghis leaves his hand open to choose, but says: "You know yourself." Hoping to meet again, which of course is close." Yamach says he doesn't think another meeting awaits them. Genghis confidently says: "Don't be so sure. When the time comes, I will find you."

Azar shows Karaja the luxurious and beautiful house he bought to start his life together and surprises him. Karaja is very happy to see the house. Azar, happy and excited, takes Karaja's hand and takes him to the balcony of the house facing the sea, puts a ring on him and says: "You know that I don't know how to talk much...but You and I have a share of happiness....if you want...” Karaja interrupts him out of excitement and quickly says yes and kisses Azar.

Mahson finds the hideout of the children he saw in the toy store. The children are busy eating stolen food in the half-finished building, which is dark and dark, and when they hear Mahson's voice, they quickly scatter and hide behind a device. Mahson shouts and asks them to introduce themselves. One of the children finds courage and says: "Don't you remember me, Mahson?" We have no past and no family. In the pack, the first wolf will take us." A little later, the children come out one by one and stare angrily at Mahson. One of the children shows the symbol of the group of black lambs engraved on his finger and says, "You said we were going to be brothers." What happened, so you said that when we unite, there will be trouble for the white lambs?" Mahson, who has no answer, looks at them helplessly.

When Nadeem hears the news of the garage being set on fire, he quickly leaves the coffee shop and goes to his boss's house. His boss is taking care of the flowers in the garden. Nadeem politely stands facing him and reports the latest information about Gudal, Yamach and Ardants so that he can get a new order and act accordingly.

Yamach goes to Alicho's house to talk to him, but Alicho turns him away and is a little afraid. When Yamach mentions the name of Idris, Alicho repeatedly says that he does not want to hear anything, then leaves his house to be away from Yamach. Mahson arrives and sits next to Yamach, his heart hurts and he says: "When you know what you did, what difference does it make if Jomali shoots you or not?" Nothing is harder than living with this guilty conscience. I entered that hell before you. You and I are burdened with such a great sin that there is no way out. Then he continued angrily: "I thought to myself that if I protect you in this life and sacrifice myself for someone, I will not be forgiven again, but what do I know, I said, maybe I can breathe easy for once." "My advice to you is, don't try to forgive yourself because there is no way, just go and kiss your mother's hand." Mahson continues: "If you allow me, I want to go." Black lambs need me. They are my family. My only family. I want to gather my brothers around me. Maybe we can have a pit for ourselves one day." Mahson and Yamach hug each other and say goodbye.

As it gets dark, Yamach slowly reaches the door of the small house with hesitant steps. Salem and Ajwit, who are on guard that night, lower their heads and say with shame that they are not allowed to open the door. Yamach says in a hoarse voice: "Then call my mom." Salem, who really wants to do something for Yamach, quickly reaches the door of the house and tells the matter to Sultan. Sultan goes to Yamach's room and collects his belongings, then with a serious and determined face, he reaches the door of the yard and while blaming Yamach with his eyes, he orders them to open the door. Yamach has a heavy grudge and cannot control his shaking. He moves his head towards his mother's hand to kiss it, but the sultan unkindly pulls his hand away and gives him Yamach's bag to let him go. The courtyard closes on Yamach, and Akin, who witnesses this scene from all sides and trees and foresees such a fate for himself, starts crying. Yamach puts his backpack on his back and walks away from the house with his head down.

On the other hand, Mahson is sitting in front of the door of his mother's house with his head down and is still waiting to see the slightest kindness from his mother. Mahson's mother looks down at her son's regretful face with tears in her eyes. Mahson approaches her and kisses her feet, then says crying, "My mother, I'm leaving." With her sad and kind look, Mahson's mother tells him that she has forgiven him. As Mahson is leaving the pit with Ozgur and Alp Eren and the little black lambs, his mother calls out and says that she is going to go with them. Mahson smiles and accepts.

Yamach moves in the pit. The people of the neighborhood look at him with hatred. The doors and windows of every house he passes are closed. Some people hurt him by throwing things at him, others who are kinder curse him by not looking at his face. Yamach quickens his steps when he reaches the front of the coffee house, a familiar voice shouts, "Our blood pit..." Yamach, who was looking for something pleasant, smiles a little. Another voice completes the slogan: "Idris, our father..." Yamach's smile fades from his face, and people approach him from all sides with the slogan of "Godal Khonmun, Idris, our father" with fisted hands and angry faces at Yamach. they surround Yamach becomes more isolated and lonely, clutches his pack tighter and passes through angry people to leave the pit...