A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 255


Part 95-2

As the movie of Idris's killing starts, the house of the Kochvalis sinks into grief and an eerie silence fills the whole place. Everyone is spreading in the house and everyone shows their sadness in a different way. Jumali wounds his hand with a knife and Akin is short of breath as usual... but Salim takes over the compromise and fills the heavy atmosphere of the house with a sad and ear-pleasing song.

When Jumali finds out that Karaja has run away, he gathers all the family members in the living room again to explain their duties. He mutters to the women and blames everyone for not paying attention to Karaja. When Jalason comes home at Jomali's request, Jomali shouts at him and says, "Which Gouri are you?" Aren't you the same person who is going to marry Karaja? You know nothing about letting the girl run away. You have to go and cut it." He continues seriously: "You need to go and clean up the whole mess and bring that girl back to this house." At the same time, Vartolo, who got fed up with Jumali's presidency, says, "I say that we should not start a new war now that Yamach is in the hospital and has just regained consciousness." Not?" Jumali replied: "No one here gave you the right to express your opinion. you don't talk In addition, if Yamach is a hospital and even if it is seven floors below the ground, this has nothing to do with us." Vartolo angrily takes a step towards Jomali, and Jomali goes towards him without hesitation, but with the mediation of Jalason and Saadat, both of them calm down and the story remains at the level of talk and talk. When Jalason wants to leave the sitting room to carry out Jomali's order, Sultan grabs his arm and says to Jomali about Karaja: "He chose him." From now on, be close to God and away from us." On the other hand, some unknown people steal Yamach from the hospital and Nahir brings this news to Damla. Damla comes to the living room in fear and says, "Yamach is not in the hospital." "Don't steal, Yamacho," Wartolo says to the others with concern. Everyone is carefree and Vartolo leaves the house alone. Jumali, who was very jealous of the Sultan's words, reacts to this news and says to his mother: "Whoever stole it, let him see his good." Far from us and close to God.

Morteza, who failed in his mission, informs Arik that some people have stolen Yamach. When Arik wants to go out and drink water, his mother Olga comes to talk to him. Unlike Genghis, Olga seems to have a close relationship with her son and tells him: "If we don't help each other, we won't succeed. We should not leave Medun empty for Soraya. The departure of the police also made things difficult." But Arik feels that he doesn't matter to Genghis and will be thrown away with the slightest mistake. Olga says: "Don't be fooled by your father. He deceives everyone. It makes you think that you are not important. But if it's not you, who does he want to rely on? To Egdai or to Gulkan?? They are only decorative. You are the main strength. "You and dad." Arik thinks under the influence of these words.

Vartolo, who doesn't know how to look for Yamach alone, asks Salim for help and tells him: "Jumali is making a mistake." It's not what you think." Vartolo's words show that he knew about everything and this makes Salim sad and upset. Vartolo continues: "Yamach suffered a lot. You couldn't tell me that story." Salim says sarcastically: "It's fine." He has accepted you as his older brother and has spoken to you. So obviously it wasn't too difficult." He does not help Vartolo.

The toy salesman shows Mahson the CCTV footage of his shop and complains that the eight and nine year olds are messing up his shop and easily rolling around in the pit. Mahson is surprised to see the picture of those children who are dressed in black from head to toe and look like black lambs.

Yamach opens his eyes in Genghis Ardent Special Hospital and sees a professional team of doctors and nurses above him. Genghis tells him: "My doctorate will do you good for two weeks. After that, we will do a very good job together." Yamach has nothing to say and falls asleep again. Arik drives himself there to talk to his father. He questions Genghis for choosing Yamach, and Genghis does not like his work and warns his son to know his limits. Arik confidently says, "Even though you gave me a chance, you need me yourself. If not me, who will you entrust the work to? Do you remember to ignore the executive management and do my work? Or will Gulkan pull out a cloud of dust from his head and sit in my place?" Genghis was shocked by Arik's words and said to him: "Did you think I don't know these things? What do you think I want Yamaha for? for you. You need this kid more than anything for your card. believe." Arik still doesn't understand why he needs Yamach.


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