A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 253

Pit 94

When Mateen sees that it is morning and there is still no news of Yamach and the others and their weapons, he wakes up Kamal, Makkah and Jalason to go and inquire around, but they will not get any news about them. On the other hand, Yamach and the others are sitting together, singing songs and trying to keep themselves warm. Salim gets up and tells them to get up and look around to find something to warm them. They all get busy and find a big box with a locked door and try to open it, and finally Amy and Pasha manage to open it and find oil and gasoline inside. Then they pour it on the door to set it on fire. "I will not lie to you," says Yamach. We have three possibilities! Or the door will open and we will survive. Or leave! The third possibility is that we die by freezing! Yamach sets fire to the gasoline on the door and the door explodes and everyone rushes out and fights with the ship's guards. Salim reaches the cabin first and sees a Bulgarian named Majim. Majim tells him: "It was supposed to be like this, Mr. Salim?! Salim also unconsciously makes him unconscious. A little later, Majim regains consciousness and Salim holds the gun to his head and angrily says: "I told you to lock it whenever everyone leaves, not to turn on my air conditioner!" Do you think you wanted to kill me and take my money? Was this our agreement? Then he asks him: "What happened to that one?" Wartlow started? Majim confirms and Salim says: "Then I don't need you anymore!" And immediately kills him. On the other hand, Jalason convinces someone to take them with his boat so that they can look for Yamach and the others. At the same time, Yamach picks up the boat's wireless and jokes that he hears Mateen's voice. Mateen and the rest, along with their captains, try their best to find them. At the same time, someone calls Kamal and informs him that some people entered the coffee house and left Idris alone. Mitten also gives this news to Yamach via wireless. They eat everywhere and do not know what to do.

Idris is alone in the coffee house, and when Wartlow sees the tense atmosphere of the neighborhood, he asks Madd what happened? "Something happened in the coffee house," Madd says. The door is closed for half an hour. No one goes, no one comes. Wartlow goes forward and asks Mohiuddin what is going on? Mohiuddin says: "Three people came to take the father and say that if they don't pay, we will shoot them!" But dad said not to interfere. Wartlow thinks...

Idris says to those three people: "If you sit down now, no one's nose will bleed!" They think for a while, but then one of them tells him: "Call your son right now and tell him to bring one million money so that we can free you." Idris slowly takes the knife from under his desk where he had placed a small knife. On the other hand, Wartlow asks Kechi if there is another way to go inside the coffee house, and Kechi shows him the way. Wartlow enters the coffee shop and tries to do something to free Idris. Under the pretext of drinking tea, Idris goes to the samovar, and when Wartlo distracts them, Idris pours hot water on one of them, and then Wartlo and Idris, with their help, injure the three people.

When Yamach and the others are on the boat, they realize that their money bag, which belonged to their uncle, was destroyed in the explosion they made below, and they all look at the burnt money in despair. Later, the boat that Mitten and the others are in will reach their boat and they will also inform about the release of Idris by Wartlow.


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