A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 252

Pit 94-2

Madd presents the bouquet of yellow flowers to Wartlow with gusto. Wortlow, who is upset because his brothers didn't come, grumbles under his breath and says to Madd: "Nobody came, did he?" At the same time, three or four cars full of local children who are dancing and having fun stop in front of the prison. Yamach, Mecca and a few others get out of the car and dance in front of Wartlow in honor of him. Later, Yamach takes Vartlo and Madd in his car and takes them to the neighborhood. After a warm welcome, Wartlow goes to Saadat's house with embarrassment and shame. When the door of the house opens for him, he talks a little and says: "Can a man not think about his wife and children?" Of course I think so. It shouldn't have happened, but I ended up in prison. I can't promise that it won't happen again. Because it happens! But I love you very much. I can promise that I will always love you. » Saadat starts grumbling and counting his complaints one after another, and after his greed is exhausted, he kisses Wartlow and hugs him.

After consulting with Wartlow, Yamach realizes that Jomali's behavior shows that he has a heart and should be listened to, so he looks for Jomali and finds him on the roof of the pit. Jumali is sad and upset and is staring at the pit. Yamach sits next to him in silence. He does not say anything or ask any questions. After the sun sets, Jumali, who has calmed down, opens up and says: "Don't be upset about my work, Yamach." You are educated and literate. We also have some things, but we are not like you. You did a good job by not killing Chaetai and sending him to prison. You did this to prevent war. But I can't forgive myself when the child died before birth. You do not know. Even though it was Chaetai's fault, Damla aborted the baby herself. He lost his child because of me. If I had known, I would not have allowed it. " Yamach grumbles and Jumali says regretfully: "Now, even if I kill Chaetai, what difference does it make? Will my baby come back? Is Damla's face smiling? Laughter that I wish I could watch at least once. »

On the other hand, Sultan goes to Damla, who has locked herself in a room for a long time, and tells her memories of fifty years ago. Although she now has three grown sons, she tearfully tells the story of the miscarriage of the child she was pregnant with before Jumali. "Jumali will never forgive me," Damla says angrily. I don't deserve to be a mother. If I had, I would not have done that. Sultan says: "You sacrificed yourself to protect your husband, I would do the same if I were you." That same night, the whole family, in addition to Madd and Wartlo, eat dinner together. Damla finally leaves the room and sits next to Jumali and makes him happy. Salim is upset with Ayesha, and Karaja, who had an argument with Ekin in the morning, makes a face for her. The tension between Kochvalis and Erdantes has faded and everything seems to be on its way.

A woman calls Amir's phone and claims that Fazel's daughter is Mogeh, and because she can't hear from her father, she is worried and at his request, she plans to deliver important evidence against the Ardanets to Amir. Moge asks Amir for help in a scared and worried voice and arranges with him to deliver the documents that night. Amir, who is eager to complete his research without consulting anyone, leaves Mahsun and Mateen and goes out of the pit. Mahson and Mateen find out about his escape and when they are sure that they have lost him, they inform Yamach about it. Yamach assigns Bacha Mahals to find Amir and everyone starts searching.

Amir enters the warehouse with a little hesitation, thinking that Moge is there. But Seren, who had contacted Amir himself, is found. When Arik approaches them, Amir is sure that he has fallen into a trap. So he smiles, pulls himself together and says to Arik: "Do you know why your father doesn't mess with you? Because Chaetai will come back one day and you have to retreat. Because your father doesn't love you. None of you love each other. Amir's words are slowly making Arik, who was looking at him mockingly a few moments ago, nervous. Amir continues: "They are a real small family who make every sacrifice for each other. But you just follow Genghis' orders like a dog. Arik, who is bored with his words, runs out of patience and shoots a bullet in Amir's forehead. Then he leaves his body to Morteza to act according to the plan. That night, Morteza took the body to the pit with the help of his men.

When Karaja sees that Saadat, Ayesha and Sultan have prepared her dowry and now her wedding dress has arrived, she goes to Salim with sadness and says to him: "Dad, do something. How long do you want to be silent? I say I don't want to get married, it's not anyone's dream. Salim says that these are the consequences of Karaja and Azar's relationship and he has to bear them. Karaja, who is disappointed in everything, calls Azar and asks him: "You said you would take me out of this house if I wanted to. Are you still talking? Azar smiles and wants to follow Karaja right away, but Karaja makes a date with him for the night.

Yamach, who has mobilized the children of Mahals to search for Amir and still hopes to find him, when he goes to the coffee house, right in the middle of the pit mark, on the tall building in front of the coffee house, he sees a heartbreaking and horrifying scene. Amir's body is hanging from the building. The next day, after Amir's funeral, Souda gives a notebook to Yamach and tells him: "Amir sought the truth at the cost of his life. In this notebook, all the information that he had about his orders is written. Please punish them. Yamach loses his control under the influence of Soda's sadness and goes towards Genghis Company without taking a bodyguard with him. Cengiz, who is with Arik on his way to his company, congratulates his son for killing Amir. Right in front of Yamach's entrance, Arik is attacked and beaten. Genghis tells the guards not to interfere so he can witness his son's abilities. But at the very beginning, Arik, who was not ready to fight, was severely beaten by Yamach and received contemptuous looks from his father. Arik, whose pride is wounded, quickly finds himself and beats Yamach badly in front of Genghis. During the fight, he keeps one eye on his father to see his reaction. At this moment, Genghis's eyes are full of pride. But it doesn't take long before Yamach gets back on his feet and throws a rope around Arik's neck and squeezes the rope around his neck with all his might. When Genghis sees that his son is disappearing, he allows the guards to intervene. Salim, Wartelo and Jumali also arrive and stop Yamach. Yamach and Arik separate while calling each other bad and misguided and threatening each other. Genghis asks Arik to read the information he got from Chaetai about the Kochvali family and inform him. After this incident, Yamach, who obtained information through Amir's notebook, manages to stop several trucks carrying Cengiz's drugs and steal his drugs.