A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 25

pit part 36-1

Yamach goes to Alicho and says: "I went to Akneb's command center to find the commander you always say. I tried to find it. But not only did I not find him, I also did not find you. Your name is not registered there. Then he gets closer to Alicho and says: "This is the last time I will see you and I am coming here, Alicho." I love you so much, son. Then he kisses her forehead and leaves.

Jamali is walking in the streets when Mecca and his friends see him and chase him. Jumali notices them and starts running. It leads to a chase for a while until Jomali confuses them and grabs Makkah from behind and pulls a gun on him. When he sees the neighborhood tattoo on Makkah's body, he stops and asks him who he is. And when he finds out that he is Mohiuddin's son, he gets angry and says: "I was cleaning under you. When did you become an idiot?! Mecca says: "We are doing this because of Chokor." Jomali becomes more nervous and says: "Chokur? Go thank God I don't have a knife with me, otherwise I would have removed your tattoo from your body! Then he pushes him to leave.

Yamach is back home. He tells Jumali: "I made my decision. Don't worry about revenge. We will return the four and you will also help me. Jumali mocks him and says: "Since when did you become a person!" "Yamach turns to him and says: "Why don't you go back to prison when it's easier like this?! » Jomali hits him and the two brothers start to beat him. During the fight, Jomali sees Yamach's tattoo and is surprised. Yamach pushes him aside and shouts angrily: "Now I'm a chokur kid?!" This is in my being. It was already engraved in my heart. I carved it on my skin. Solved? Whether it's you or not, I will return peace to Chokur. Jomali's eyes fill with tears and she hugs him proudly. Jumali agrees to proceed according to Yamach's plan, but says: "If not, we will proceed with my decision." We will kill them one by one! Suddenly, someone knocks on the door and when they open the door, they meet Alicho. He visited the houses one by one to find Yamach.

Uncle is selling fruit in one of the neighborhoods and Idris helps him from time to time. After a while, Idris returns home to the Sultan. Because of what happened, Sultan no longer speaks and is on a wheelchair.

Yamach and Jomali, along with Alicho, go to Alicho's former house and ruins and plan to repair and clean it. Suddenly Makkah arrives with his men and surrounds them and orders one of his men to immediately report the news to Chettu. "What are you doing?" Yamach says to Mecca in surprise. This is us.." Makkah says: "You shouldn't come. If you get so close to Chokur, you will fall! » Makkah goes into a frenzy and complains. Jomali is about to reach Mecca's account when Yamach stops him. Mecca says to Yamach: "Don't come anymore Inura." Yamach leaves there with Jomali and Alicho. They go back home and Yamach says to Jumali who is very angry: "We have to do something to regain the trust of the people of the neighborhood. It means that we protect Chokor and Chokor from us. »

Black lambs roam around the neighborhood to take whoever they want as a sacrifice. They take an old man who sees their perfection and tells them to take his place. They also accept.

Ersavi informs Chato that the Bulgarians were very satisfied with the sex they sold and now they want another hundred kilos of that sex. But they don't have money to buy materials or wartlo. Chatto says: "Tell them we will deliver the material in any quality and any quantity you want. Surprised by his decision, Mahsoun says what his intention is, but Cheto says: "Don't ask anything, Mahsoun!" »


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