A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 249



Yamach, who failed to reconcile with Salim and Jumali by playing football and solve their problem, calls Vartolo, who is in prison, to use his constant help and advice. Vartolo says: "I have been in prison for some time. But no one knows about me. You call me only to solve your problem." Yamach agrees with him but says that he really needs his help because the soccer match didn't affect him and he is still involved with Salim and Jumali. Vartolo says with surprise: "When a problem cannot be solved with football, how can I solve it?" And if I can't solve that problem, how can you solve it?" Yamach says: "So Vartolo Saaduddin didn't find a way this time?" Vartolo immediately denies and says: "No, there is always a way." Psychiatrist doctor. You should take your brothers for counseling."

Mateen and Madd and Mecca and Jalason make a video call to share the information they got about Arik Boke, but no one has any specific information and everyone says that no one knows Arik and only sees him as They know Chaatai's brother. Madd, who has learned a few things from Arik, proudly says: "Arik loves horses." He has two farms that he always visits. He is also interested in racing horses and invests a lot of money in betting."

Karaja hides in the closet of his room and makes a video call to Azar from there. They talk for a while, and then Azar, who misses Karaja very much, says, "Until you get scared and come here, nothing will change and this distance will continue." Karaja says that he needs time and is not thinking about running away from home at the moment.

Yamach calls his psychiatrist Dr. Ozgor and asks him to help his brothers and solve their communication problem. Yamach makes a video call with Jomali and Salim and Ozgur. Jumali protested the doctor's presence in the teleconference from the very beginning and was annoyed by his presence and said to Yamach: "We are crazy, why did you bring this here?" You don't listen to your older brother and call it the problem of lack of communication?" No matter how hard Yamach tries to manage the situation, he doesn't succeed, and Jomali and Salim don't want to be in the meeting. Dr. Ozgur is also forced to enter the discussion and says to Jumali: "As far as I understand, you have a problem of anger control, a lot of anger and overprotection of your loved ones." Salim, who knows that these words are true, says: "I am sure that Yamach told these things to the doctor." The doctor says to Salim: "You are too skeptical. The problem of strong mistrust. The doctor asks them to talk and try to communicate. After forty-five minutes of silence, Salim and Jomali finally accuse Yamach of doing all the work alone and not cooperating with them. Yamach doesn't take his neck, but the doctor says to Yamach: "Do you think that when both of them think like this, the problem can't be yours?" Yamach adds Vartolo to the discussion in order to get his support and advice. During the conversation, Vartolo gets angry when he finds out that Chaatai's brother Arik has threatened the Kochvalis and complains to Yamach for not telling him this earlier. Yamach comforts Vartolo and asks him to show his advice and support. Vartolo says: "Brothers, you fight a lot, don't do it. You are putting too much pressure on Yamach, don't come." Disappointed with Vartolo's help, Yamach asks the doctor to end the session and admits that the counseling has no effect on the little ones. The doctor also says, "It is impressive for me to see so many mental problems in one place." After this conversation, Madd calls Vartolo to solve his problem and shyly says, "Brother, I fell in love." Vartolo doesn't believe it at first, but after he sees the helper, he says with a laugh: "Who is this happy girl with no honor?"


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