A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 247

Pit 92

When Salim is at Wartlow's house, Mateen calls him and asks him to come to take the body out of the city. Salim immediately arrives and the body is buried under the ground. Salim says with great sadness: "One day, Matin will swallow us all in a pit... Everyone fills his own pit." Then he asks Mitten to leave and cries himself.

In the morning, Jalason's mother asks him for some money, and Jalason inevitably gives her whatever he has, even a small amount. A little later, when Khadija is sweeping in front of her house, she sees Yeliz and realizes that she also lost her job and has no money.

Zulfi, who also lost his job, went to Mohiuddin to make amends. Mecca comes to his father and asks him for some money, which does not go away from Zulfi's eyes, and then he says: "I am doing something that if it goes like this, I will leave the garage." I bury everything I have and don't have there. I am investing money! He draws Mohiuddin's attention to his words.

In the morning, Sena happily brings breakfast to Yamach and tells him that he has passed everything and is fine now. But a little later, he calls Daren and asks him to see each other because he is not feeling well at all.

Salim is with Sultan and Idris at the breakfast table, and Yamach joins them. Salim says: "I will go to Jamil's mom, maybe she knows where he is." But Idris says: "Don't bother!" This has no effect anymore! Salim gets a little upset by his words and leaves. Yamach sits in front of his parents and says: "Dad, I accept the transfer of the documents and ownership, but don't interfere afterwards!" Because I want to give equal share to each other. Idris gets nervous and Yamach says: "Recently, every disaster that has happened to us was because of you." Because you were stubborn with your boys. Before you say anything, think about my words! And he goes.

Nazem and Amrah call Wartlow to their usual meeting and Nazem says to Wartlow: "Remember I said there is another one like us who does not hesitate to destroy and rebuild?" I said that when he joins this group, the old ones will be destroyed and new ones will replace them. "A little later Salim comes and joins them and says: "I have a condition. Wartlow, now is the time. You can kill anyone you want. For example, Pasharo, who is one of the three musketeers of Gudaleh. Destroy everything you have done so far. Then he said to Amrah and Nazim: "From now on, we have to move forward with my thoughts and with my plan and the way I say." They also accept.

When Sena arrives at the cafe where Darren is waiting for her, she sees the boy who shot her at the door and follows him worriedly. But a little later he loses her.

Idris asks Jalason to tell him everything he knows and understands about Wartlow. Jalason also says: "He looks a lot like you, Dad." One to you, one to one, like Uncle Yamache. You are all very stubborn. Even if it is a stone, it will soften, but you are not like this... He says whatever he feels. I am sure that he has regretted a thousand times for the hero... his life is based on friendship... he is kind and reliable, but the opposite is also true. Merciless, destructive, even psychotic..." Idris listens to his words carefully.

Wartelo asks Salim: "What do you want to do with the pit after we got it?" Salim hatefully says: "I just want one thing." Getting Idris Kochvali out of the pit! »


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