A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 244

Pit 92-1

Yamach is investigating the cases that Amir gave him, but the number of cases and documents are too large for him to find anything against Chaetai. A little later, when Amir himself goes to him, Yamach asks him about a strong evidence that can trap Chaetai. Amir says that a person named Boris Chukonsky is the one who does business with Chaeta, but he doesn't know the way, place and time. Yamach entrusts Alicho to find anything related to Boris among the documents. Just then, Chaetai calls Yamach and tells him that his time is running out and he has to give Jumali to him by night. Yamach also smiles and says: "I will never give you my brother!" Chaetai also says that he has to do it himself! Yamach sends Mahson to Jomali to protect him.

Jumali tells Salim on the roof that he can't sit idle and doesn't even bother to look at people and he is tired of this situation and he misses Idris too! He walks with the women to the cemetery and sits next to Idris' grave. Mahsoun also watches over him from afar.

Chaetai has trapped Morteza and knows that he cannot trust his words and orders his men to imprison him and take his belongings and phone and search well.

Jalason goes to Yamach and tells him with a distressed expression that he saw Karaja with Azar in the middle of the night and they talked a lot. Yamach gets a little angry but tells Jalason not to tell anyone about this so that he can solve everything himself.

Yamach goes with Wartlow to the address that Alicho found from Boris among the documents and they wait. When Yamach sees Boris coming out of the house with his men, he follows him and reaches a warehouse. Boris's men trap him and Boris tells him what he wants? Yamach says: "I came to make a deal with you!" You give me chaetai and I will let you live! Boris laughs and then thinks a little and says: "How can I hand you over to Chaetai and not involve myself in the fight between you two!" Then he calls Chaetai and says that he will bring a small Yamach for him tonight! Chaetai smiles.

Jumali notices that someone is following him and hides somewhere. Mahsoun takes a step into the abandoned house where Jomali entered and Jomali stabs him from behind and drops his gun on the ground. When he meets Mahsoun's face, he is surprised and says: "Weren't you dead?" How are you alive?! Chaeta must have sent you! And he attacks him and does not listen to Mahsoun's words that he wants to explain. Mahsoun inevitably confronts him when Jumali knocks him unconscious with a punch. Then he waits on his head until he regains consciousness, and as soon as Mahsun opens his eyes, he says that he has come from Yamach and until Chaetai's people arrive, it is better for both of them to get out of there. But Jomali does not accept that several people go to Jomali at the same time, and when Jomali gets into a fight with one of them, the young man takes out a knife and Mahsoun shoots that man in the back of the head and saves Jomali.

When Vartlo sees that there is no news of Yamach, he asks Alicho to help him catch Boris. He goes to Boris's house and when the guard does not allow him to enter, Alicho kills him from a distance with his sniper. Wartlow then moves forward and takes out all the guards, and then when Boris comes forward himself, Alicho shoots him from a distance right in front of his feet, causing Boris to drop the gun in fear. Wartlow asks him to write down the address of the meeting place with Chaetai. Boris does so and then says that Chaetai will not come forward until he sees him. Wartlow is forced to take him with him. But just as he bends down to pick up the address, Boris tries to grab his gun and kill him, when Alicho comes forward and shoots him in the head, killing Boris. Wartlow comes to Alicho, now that the only thing they had in their hands is gone, and he thinks.


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