A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 242



Vartolo asks Mahson to go to Boris' place to save Yamach. On the other hand, he decides to solve the problem caused by the death of Boris. He sends a message to Morteza's phone. Chaatai reads Vartolo's message in which it is written: "Make sure that Chaatai does not fall." He asks Morteza for an explanation, and Morteza says, "The little ones came to me and threatened me to cooperate with them, but I didn't do anything to them." They want to put a stain on your credit and ask me to make sure that you are not going with Boris." Chaatai says: "I don't trust you at all. I'm going to meet him and when I come back and find out that you lied, I'll kill you."

Mahson saves Yamach, and Yamach immediately calls the commissioner and says: "You asked me to testify against Chaatai, but I invite you to witness Chaatai Jordan's scandal while committing the crime." An hour later, the commissioner goes to the place of Chaatai's transaction and arrests him and his men. Vartolo, who dressed as Boris and put himself in his place, is arrested. Yamach asks the commissioner to release Vartolo because he had no part in the deal. The commissioner says, "I can't do anything now, but if he is really innocent, he will be released."

The news of Chaatai's arrest is circulating in the media, and Afsun is very happy about this news. Yamach goes to see him and Afsun hugs him and says, "Only you could do this." A little later, Yamach seriously and angrily says to Efsun, "Who put Morteza in Chaatai's mind?" Afsun avoids answering, and when he sees no way out, he admits that he did it to help Yamach. Yamach, who noticed Chaatai's interest in magic, says: "Chaatai, why is he convinced so quickly when your foot is in the middle?" What are you doing to be satisfied?" Afsun, upset and angry with his words, says: "I only convinced him by talking, but you go home every night and sleep with another woman." I did that for you, but you always want to pay me back." Yamach, who doesn't have an answer, remains silent and then quietly leaves the enchanted house.

At the horse farm, Chaatay's younger brother, Arik Boke Erdant, is taking care of his favorite horse. When he realizes that one of the workers is not behaving well with his horse, he severely beats him and then apologizes to his horse. Looking for a suitable opportunity to succeed his brother, he smiles looking at the news of Chaatai's arrest and anxiously waits for his father's call and job offer from him. Finally, Genghis calls Arik, and Arik, who received a good offer from his father, says: "Don't worry. "I have a solution to solve this problem."

Yamach, who defeated Chaatai and went home more safely, tells the story of Vartolo's arrest and promises that his brother will not stay in prison for long. He realizes that Salim and Jumali are upset with him and are angry because they did not participate in the last operation and did not kill Chaatai. They plan to infiltrate the police station and kill Chaatai. Yamach is against this and wants to explain to them, but Jomali and Salim, who are upset about being ignored, ignore him. In order to stop them, Yamach beats them in the living room and finally Sultan succeeds in dissuading Salim and Jomali from attacking the police station. Yamach asks Amir to explain more about Jordanet's family to his brothers. Amir turns to Salim and Jumali and says, "Genghis Jordan has four sons. In Jordan's family, Chaatai does all the dirty work and Egda does the legal work. The dirty money that Chaata gets through drugs is laundered by the pharmaceutical company that is in the hands of Agdaye. These two half-brothers have many differences. Gulkan is the brother of Tenni Egday and Arik Bokeh is the brother of Tenni Chaataye. This means that this family will not be destroyed so easily by killing Chaatai. Despite these explanations, Salim and Jomali's annoyance with Yamach remains.


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