A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 240

Pit 91

Idris stares at Wartlow with tears in his eyes and remains silent. Wartlo gets upset when he hears the sound of instruments and drums and when the marriage is approaching, and when he sees Idris still silent, he says: "Whatever happens, it's not my fault!" And he goes.

Sultan and Najert go after Saadat, who has sadness on his face, and bring him to the Majlis. Yamach gets upset when he sees the sadness on her face. When Yamach sees Wartlow's departure and his anger, he prepares his gun and tells everyone to be ready.

Ayesha, who does not know what to do, goes to the roof and when she sees Jamil's body, she brings it up and fearfully says to Salim: "Bringing your happiness... we are looking for Jamil again..." Salim sadly says: "Jamil is asleep." ... Let him rest for a while. They should wait for him too. Ayesha cries with fear. Then he goes to Mateen and takes him to the roof without anyone knowing. Mateen is surprised to see Jameel's body and Ayesha tells him: "No one should understand this, Mateen. OK? Then when he sits facing Salim and says to him: "Come to yourself Salim..." and slaps him one after another. Salim stares at Jamil crying.

Wartlow gathers his men. Yamach goes to his house and tells him: "Don't do this!" Wartlow says: "Don't tell me this, tell your father!" Yamach says: "I can't kill you." But I can't let you go to the parliament! I can not. Do you understand the situation you put me in? "Wartlow says: "I'm going to take back the happiness that you married with your own hands. And he starts walking with his men, when the police called by Yamach stops them and then they take them one by one. Vartlo tells Yamach at the last moment: "You lost Gudalo from tonight, Yamach!" »

All the guests are waiting for Jamil, when Matin comes to Idris and says: "We can't find Jamil, Dad. Salim also comes forward and says: "The last time was with me, Dad." He said I can't do it and so on. I tried to convince him, but he pushed me and went out. I closed my room. "Idris says to Mateen: "Don't let it be Wartlow's business. But Mateen says: "Dad, did you see that it was with you.. I searched everywhere, but it was not there." Idris says under his breath: "We are disgraced..." and leaves. Mateen also stares at Salim.

Idris goes among the guests and says: "Our ceremony is canceled due to some health problems of the groom..." Everyone leaves the hall in surprise. Saadat stays where he was sitting and smiles.

Wartlow is with Madd and his men in the detention center when he thinks of banging his head on the bars of the prison and they are forced to take him to the hospital because of his head injury. He asks the doctor to tell the cops to uncuff him. The doctor who is afraid of him does this.

Idris, Salim, Uncle and Pasha are in Idris' office when Yamach arrives. Idris says angrily: "Jamil is right-handed." Someone who trusts him a lot! Yamach says: "Well, what does this have to do with my brother, father?" Idris says angrily: "He was the one who guaranteed it!" I was disgraced in front of everyone! Yamach promises that he will find him. A little later, Idris turns to Yamach and says: "Every document and affidavit that I signed in my name is in your name, my son... You have proven yourself well." Salim gets upset after hearing these words, but remains silent and then leaves.

At night, Mateen, along with Salim and Ayesha, puts Jamil's body in the trunk of his car and takes it away.

Wartlow escapes from the hospital and immediately goes to his house and picks up a gun when he suddenly sees Salim in his house. Salim tells him that the wedding is canceled and Wartlow breathes a sigh of relief. Wartlow realizes that Salim is not well and Salim finally says that he killed Jameel. A little later, Wartlow returns to the detention center and happily tells Madd that the wedding has been cancelled.