A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 24

Pit 3-35

Everyone is gathered on the football field and Mahsoun chooses an old man from the crowd and takes him forward. Ersavi says loudly to the crowd: "We allowed you to live here." We wanted you to stay away from your home and not to be separated from your loved ones, but I see that you have done a bad thing! You still have the dream of the past in your head, but the past is dead! Your father Idris is dead. The little ones die. Without a moment's hesitation, Mahson breaks the old man's neck right in front of the crowd. Arsavi throws a photo frame of Idris on the ground and says that everyone has to pass over this photo. People pass one by one with difficulty on the photo frame. In the meantime, Jalason passes through the crowd, escapes from the back and goes home, and takes Akshin to the house where Madd was taken, and says to Madd: "I leave him to you." Take care, don't go out. »

"They are attacking the pit," Yamach tells Jumali. Every day they attack the neighborhood if they don't find you. Jomali says to Yamach: "You go to your wife." You never wanted to be in these events. You never wanted to be this person. Then he shows the neighborhood tattoo on his wrist and says: "Do you have any of these?" Not! Where is your tattoo, boy? Tearing your family to pieces, you are killing me! And then, when Yamach says, do you think everything is a tattoo? Jomali says: "Do you know the meaning of this tattoo? It means you have to protect, you will die while protecting! Yamach says: "We protect the pit and the pit is ours. You know this better than me. I couldn't protect her, yes, but you are hurting her. At this moment, Kamal's phone rang and Mateen secretly called him and said: "Where are you?" Get out of there immediately. Get lost. Do not trust anyone. Do not trust anyone from the neighborhood. Then he hangs up.

As people pass by Idris's photo, Arsavi tells them: "If you find Yamach and Jomali Kochvali, these two are without descent, you will be rewarded." And then he shows them a suitcase full of money and continues: "We have punishments too. If these dirts are not found, we will take one of you every day and kill them on the weekend until your generation is extinct. It's Matin's turn to walk over the picture frame, he pauses a bit and then kneels down and picks up the picture frame from the floor and hugs it. The black lambs severely beat Mitten and knock him unconscious.

Kamal's phone rings again and they inform him that they have caught Mateen and the whole neighborhood is looking for Yamach and Jomali. Kamal kneels on the ground and cries. From the other side, Jumali asks Yamach to leave soon. Kamal says to Yamach: "Brother is right. You go..." Yamach goes with Jomali and tells him face to face that he must go and save Mateen and the children from them. Jumali says: "Have you lost your mind? The pit is on fire and is looking for you. Yamach says: "Who brought me to you?" I'm going to look for him. Jomali Kalafe says: "Okay, go." I do not sacrifice myself. No one is like me. Then he gives him a gun and says: "Don't kill yourself, otherwise I will beat you very badly!" Now go wherever you want! »

Mahsoun goes to Sena's house at night and disturbs it, looking for something. He also destroys Sena's personal belongings and leaves the earring he found.

Yamach goes around the neighborhood with difficulty and secretly when one of Ahmed's people sees him and informs him. On his way, he sees Efe, one of the young boys of the neighborhood, and talks to him a little. Ahmed's men see them and follow them. Yamach and Efe reach a dead-end alley and hide, but suddenly Efe steps forward and Ahmed and his men shoot at him thinking that it is Yamach. Ahmed goes further and sees that he is his younger brother Efe. But it is too late.

After all these events, Yamach goes and gets a tattoo of the pit and remembers the words of his uncle who told him the meaning of tattooing when he was a child. Uncle had said: "A roof above our head, a pit under our feet... As long as our family is you, there is no death for us in this world..."


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