A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 239



Jumali is determined to go to Chaatai that day and settle his account. He sets fire to the warehouse where he is imprisoned. When Salim and the young men are putting out the fire, Jumali runs away. The news of Jomali's escape reaches Yamach, and Yamach, who is in front of Morteza, opens the trunk of his car for Morteza and tells him: "Get in." Let's go to gain Chaatai's trust."

Jumali gets in a car and drives himself to Chaatai's house. Chaatai goes out of the house with his bodyguards. Jomali chases him alone and Yamach moves behind Jomali's car. Chaatai's team of bodyguards realizes that they are being followed and engages with Jumali. On the road, Jumali's car, which has no fear and moves recklessly and at high speed, hits Chaatai's car and throws it down the valley. Jumali gets into a fight with the bodyguards and kills them all, and at this moment Yamach arrives. When Jomali sees that Chaatai is still alive, he pulls out his gun to kill him, but Yamach knocks Jomali unconscious with a blow, and then asks Morteza to come to him as Chaatai's savior and make him his own. . Morteza pulls Chaatai out of his left car and Chaatai at the same time gets a little suspicious of Morteza's presence there.

Yamach takes Jumali to a warehouse to talk to him and find out the reason for his indiscretions. Jumali says angrily: "I was supposed to be a father." This Jomali, who was said to have only killed people, would become a father. I didn't even dream of this, but when Damela told me she was pregnant, I went to the cemetery to my father and told him that your son is going to be a father. But I didn't In the prison, people cry because they miss seeing their loved ones and help me. But I was as strong as a mountain and nothing affected me. As soon as I knew that my family was good, it was enough for me, but when I realized that I was going to be a father, I changed." Affected by his words, Yamach hugs Jumali. After they return home, Chaatai calls Yamach and says, "Your brother Jumali attacked me today. You have twenty-four hours to deliver it to me, otherwise I will take it myself." On the other hand, when Yamach is in one of the alleys of Godal, the commissioner comes to him and talks about the evidence he has seized against Yamach and says, "You have twenty-four hours to hand over Chaata to me, or I will arrest you myself." » After the departure of Commissioner Yamach and Mahson, they enter a house in the pit where Amir lives with his family. On the day of the car explosion, Mahson saved Amir's life by secretly entering the school service before the car exploded. Amir, who is indebted to Yamach, thanks him and gives him a flash in which he has gathered a lot of information about the Jordanians. Yamach asks Amir to make a wheel in the pit and give people the right information about their neighborhood. Amir accepts on the condition that the information is honest.

Yamach takes the flash to Vartolo and gives it to him and says, "This time we have to attack to finish Chaata."


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