A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 237



At Chaatai's house, Jumali hugs Damla and brings her home with tears in her eyes. In the middle of the night, all the family members wake up and Jumali does not explain what happened to Damla. Dr. Salami also comes to Damla's head and Jomali asks him not to tell anyone. On the other hand, Salim and Akin, who know that Damla is pregnant and Jomali lost her baby, decide to concentrate completely so that Jomali doesn't do anything out of anger and suddenly attack Chaatai.

In the interrogation room, it turns out that Yamach was arrested for the explosion of Amir's car and accused of being involved in that explosion, but the police have no evidence against Yamach, and Yamach, who knows this, easily denies the accusations.

Nahir realizes that Karaja is not in his room and has run away. He hides this from the Sultan. On the other hand, Karaja and Azar are sitting in the restaurant where they were supposed to go together before. Karaja is afraid that someone will see them, and Azar takes his hand and says: "I am not afraid." When you are by my side, it doesn't matter to me whether it is war or peace. Don't be afraid of anything when you are with me. OK?" After dinner, Azar takes Karaja to the vicinity of Kochvali's house. Inside the car, Azar suggests to Karaja that they run away together so they don't have to see each other secretly. Karaja caresses Azar's face and says: "I wish everything was so easy." Jalason, who is walking around, sees them and is surprised.

Vartolo has already made an appointment with Yamach to trap Chaatai and defeat him at the right time. He and Yamach have counted on Mahson and his brothers for this and they are supposed to work together. Vartolo asks Mahson not to delay their work in Yamach's absence and start the mission.

That night Mahson attacks Morteza's house with the help of black sheep and arrests him. Vartolo also makes an offer to Morteza and says: "Shenul's blood is on your hands." I will kill you in time, but if you want to stay alive for now, you have to infiltrate Chaata's forces as our spy. We will send people to follow you around the clock so that you don't make any mistakes." Morteza inevitably surrenders.

A few days ago, Chaatai goes to see Fasun and talks a little with him. After Chaatai leaves, Yamach, who has been monitoring the enchanted house, goes to him and angrily says, "Chaatai, why are you here?" Yamach, who found out from Afsun's phone conversations that he is planning to travel, objects to this issue and argues a little with Afsun. Yamach says about Chaatai that he will destroy Chaatai soon with the help of Morteza who is supposed to infiltrate Chaatai's people. Afsun says: "You can't send Morteza like this. Chaatai himself should call him so that he does not doubt. Somehow we have to put Morteza in Chaatai's mind." Afsun offers to help Yamach in this work, but Yamach refuses and insists that he should not involve himself in this matter. Now, after a few days of enchantment, he goes to Chaatai's house uninvited.


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