A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 236

Pit 90

Alicho finally finds one of Meliha's colleagues and friends and asks him about Meliha. Shanar talks a little with Alicho about Maleeha and says: "Her luck was black, it got blacker." Recently, he fell in love with someone, he killed my friend Maliha... I went to his funeral myself. Kochvali was Ismail or Idris.. I don't know. Alicho is surprised and secretly says uncle...

By the evening, preparations for the wedding have been made in the house of the Kochvalis and the guests are arriving. When Amrah comes with her mother and shakes Idris's hand, Idris forcefully brings his hand forward and bends his head and says: "You don't kiss hands, Pahlavi?!" And Imrah inevitably kisses his hand.

Wartlow called a walk-in concert in his house with his people and asked them to play Nimrod's daughter, and he listened to their song angrily. But a little later he tells everyone to shut up and tells Madd to gather their people and give each of them a gun. Madd tries to stop him but Wartlow has made up his mind.

Salim takes Jamil to their room to get ready. Jamil sees Ayesha's picture next to Salim and with tearful eyes says to her picture: "I wish it was like this, Ayesha..." Then he says to himself: "I can't be here! And he gets up and goes to Aisha. Ayesha secretly goes to see him on the roof. Jamil takes Ayesha's hands and says: "Let's run away now, Ayesha." Ayesha says: "What are you saying?" Do you know whose house we are? Jameel says: "That time in my house when you were in a bad situation and defenseless, I saw the real Ayesha the way she was looking at me." Tell me it was a lie so I can go downstairs and sign whatever it is.. Be honest with me just once. Ayesha doesn't say anything and Jamil continues: "You see... I didn't get hopeful on my own. I know you have feelings for me too. "Ayesha says with concern: "What is the difference? What do you think will happen? Do you think you will leave this house alive? It is true that the shelf is made of gold! what else do you want? Don't worry about this. Jamil says: "Look, you know what kind of person Salim is!" I'll go and talk to him, if he doesn't accept, I'll go and tell everyone..." Ayesha asks him not to do anything, but Jamil says: "I'll go with Salim either with you or without you, I'll talk to his father. I take swelling with me. Ayesha, who doesn't know what to do, hits Jamil's head with the pot from behind and Jamil falls on the ground.

Yamach leaves Mecca and Jalason to watch out because he is sure Wartlow will cause problems tonight.

Seeing Amrah among the guests, Sena, who is distracted, goes to her and asks her to go to a corner to talk. Sena asks: "What happened?" what have you done? Amrah says: "Nothing happened!" Senate, don't start. You and I are siblings and we were together for many years. Come to yourself for your own sake, not for Yamach's sake... there is someone who loves you. Sena stares at Yamach sadly.

Aghed arrives and Yamach and Idris go to Saadat when they see Wartlo at the door. Wartlow asks Idris to talk for a while. Idris tells Yamach to leave whatever people have at the door and then tells Wartlow to come to his office. Idris tells him: "I told you my condition, but you did not accept it." Wartlow says: "Now, whatever... I was very bad when I first came here... but now I am heartbroken." Someone showed me that there is another way... If you take it away from me, I will be dehumanized again. take it easy. Let me be a person! Don't lose hope, dad. Idris stares at him.

Ayesha, who does not know what to do, calls Salim. When Salim sees Jameel on the ground, he gets very upset and hugs him and says to Ayesha with hatred: "If he dies, I will kill you too!" Ayesha says in tears: "He told me to run away, if you don't come, I will tell Baba Idris Salim!" Salim stares at Ayesha with surprise and Ayesha says: "I did this for ourselves, Salim..." Jameel opens his eyes and Salim tells Ayesha to leave and then sadly puts his hand on her mouth. He takes her and strangles her and then cries.


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