A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 235



Azar calls Karaja and asks how he is. Karaja is surprised that Azar is paying so much attention to him, and on the other hand, he is happy and says: "It's strange that you worry..." Azar says: "When you're not with me, I don't worry anymore..." and then for He makes a date with her tomorrow night, but Karaja says he can't. Azar says: "But I will wait for you." and hangs up the phone.

Salim goes to the place where Mateen is imprisoned to leave him and sits next to Mateen and grieves about the loss of their brothers and then puts a gun in front of Mateen and says: "If you want to escape from this use. If not, we will wait for you in the coffee house."

Vartolo takes Fakhri to the coffee house and asks him to explain why he put the materials into the pit. Fakhri defends his work and says: "Everyone is unemployed and hungry and I only found work for them." Vartolo curses him and says: "No, you got a chance and you were able to abuse it." Fakhri gets angry and says that their poverty brought them to this day and they cannot be judged. Vartolo angrily grabs his collar and angrily says, "You are teaching me what poverty is?" In three days, did you understand the poverty and quickly went to the drugs and made this young man miserable?" Fakhri, who is tormented by conscience, says slowly: "I told everyone that if they have another way, they should not get involved in this work." I had no way to sell materials. My children were very cold." Vardtulu feels a little sorry for him and lets him go and asks who offered to sell him the drugs? Fakhri shows the winning card to Wartolo.

Jumali goes to Damla's lawyer's house and from there calls Damla instead of the lawyer and says to him: "I will help you out of my house soon. Chaatai asked me to do what kills me for him. He asked me to betray my brothers, my family and the pit. Because of you and our child, I have to accept and then because I can't hold my head up anymore, we have to get out of the pit." Damla asks him to never do such a thing. Damla thinks about Jomali's words until the morning and keeps remembering the moment when she told Jomali that she was pregnant, and she feels a lot of anxiety.

In the morning, Jomali calls Chaatai and tells him that she has accepted his offer. Chaatai says: "Very good. So you and your wife will be our guests tonight." After this call, Salim sits next to Jumali and asks him what Chaatai threatened him with and what he asked of him. Jomali answers: "He asked me to die." He asked for everything that kills me.

Yamach goes to the street in front of Amir's house to witness the operation. Fatih is also there and supervises his work. Amir comes out of the house with his children, and when Yamach sees the bomb button in Fatih's hand, he asks him not to press the button in front of Amir's children and to wait. Fatih doesn't listen and Yamach punches and kicks him but he can't stop him and Fatih finally presses the button. Amir's car explodes and his wife runs to the street crying and Yamach, who got angry seeing this scene, kills Fatih with two bullets. He takes Fatih's body to Chaatai's house and places it in the yard at Chaatai's feet and says, "I did and am doing everything you said." If you want to work with me, you have to learn to trust me, otherwise you have to accept the consequences." Chaatai does not punish him.

Karaja, who is with Azar, sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night and gets into Azar's car in the alley. On the other hand, the police enter the pit and arrest Yamach.

Salim, who heard the story from Jomali and understands him, goes with him to the front of Chaatai's house and asks him in the car if he is sure of his decision. Jumali says he is sure and puts a bomb in his pocket and enters Chaatai's house. Jomali, who is waiting for Damla and is very worried about her being late, keeps shaking her feet on the floor in Chaatai's office and is anxious. A little later, Damla enters the room with her pants covered in blood and throws a bloody sheet in front of Chaatai and faints. Jumali looks at this scene with tearful eyes and in disbelief and then hugs Damla and takes her out of Chaatai's house.


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